TikTok launches #LevelUpWithAdobe to upskill UK creators

We’re about to spill the tea – Adobe is partnering with TikTok in the UK to launch #LevelUpWithAdobe, an exciting programme designed to help its most influential and budding creators level up and flex their production skills.

Why TikTok? By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, a massive 15 times higher than in 2017. And this is increasingly being driven by social platforms and UGC video sites, where people create all manner of weird and wonderful content to connect with friends and family – with brands increasingly getting in on the act.

Prior to lockdown restrictions which came and knocked us all for six, how many of us were baking feta pasta, “Bored in the House” or ‘travelling in time’ on social media? Even grand Dame Judy Dench got in on the act, admitting that making videos on TikTok with her grandson ‘saved her life’ in isolation.

TikTok is a place where creativity can fly – so it seemed like a no brainer to team up with the short form video sharing platform to curate a bespoke series of workshops in order to help 33 creators unleash their creative potential with Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, helping them create viral-worthy content that stands out.

During the eight week programme they will learn how to craft their footage into a polished production at home using Premiere Pro and Photoshop. The lowdown and training will be provided by Adobe Insider and Ambassador Joe Allam, who will set production challenges so the creators can showcase their newfound editing skills and show off their creative passions. Joe is best known for his creative travel content that sets the bar for his industry and we’re anticipating some internet-breaking content, so no pressure…

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#LevelUpWithAdobe is part of TikTok’s #LearnOnTikTok programme, which the short form video platform masterminded last year to create a vast array of creative and bite-sized educational content. And no, we don’t mean traditional education like Geometry (although there is a wealth of maths-based content on TikTok for those so inclined). Across the world, educators, experts, real-world skills creators and non-profits are teaching us everything from nailing the perfect Korean dumpling, to mastering a burpee, from astronomy to origami and even oven-cleaning.

George Nikolaou, Community, Programmes & Events Manager at TikTok says: “Creators turn to TikTok for inspiration and to learn new things as well as for entertainment. Partnering with Adobe will provide our creators with the opportunity to build creative and editing skills to facilitate this. #LevelUpwithAdobe demonstrates our ongoing commitment to supporting our community and providing them with the tools and insight they need for long-term success on TikTok and within the creative industry at large. We cannot wait to see the content our creators will produce.”

One of our inspiring #LevelUpWithAdobe creators is Milly Pickles, a para-athlete who’s built a community of 280k followers on TikTok, with over eight million likes. The 24-year-old was a student at Bournemouth University when she was electrocuted in 2017, which resulted in her having her right leg amputated. Though devastating, she became adamant that her love for sport wasn’t going to end because of her disability. She began sharing empowering videos of learning to run with a blade on TikTok, something she felt was missing when she first had her accident and was looking to hear about other people’s experiences.

“TikTok is a place of creativity and acceptance,” she says. “The platform brings awareness to and normalises diverse individuals, allowing them to have a voice. People feel comfortable and confident being authentic in this space, which helps us connect with likeminded people where we might normally feel alone. TikTok has helped me connect with so many people through my content – and I couldn’t feel more supported, listened to and valued.”

Milly’s work online not only inspires other amputees, but it also teaches those who are misinformed about who she is and what she can achieve. She has set her sights on returning to competitive sports and is keen to take her content up a notch with #LevelUpWithAdobe.

Another of our creators getting to grips with Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop is @glambyflo, a hugely followed beauty video creator who also has a cute hamster named Plato with his own Instagram account (guess he’s an influencer of the furry kind). She’s keen to upgrade her content by learning how to use advanced transition editing and colour grading.

“I feel like both of these (Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop) will really help me bring both my TikTok and YouTube content to the next level!”

@glambyflo, #LevelUpWithAdobe creator

With 1.5million followers already, we fully expect Flo to be owning the world of beauty by May, perfectly timed for when many of us hope to get our fleek on with the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Joining Milly and Flo are some of the biggest names in the TikTok community, including photographer @thevisuallife, @annabaxtermakeup and fitness phenomenon @james.middleton_

Just as TikTok commits to nurturing and supporting its community, we have a passion to unlock everyone’s creativity; after all, we all have a story to tell. Over the next eight weeks, we’ll chart the journey of the creators involved on the Adobe UK blog. Keep an eye out for the video challenges to come!

Watch out for our new #LevelUpWithAdobe series on TikTok LIVE over the next few weeks, where you can follow the creators as they flex their new editing skills.

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Source : Adobe

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