How Adobe Experience Cloud helped powersports company BRP take adventure to the next level

Powersports brand BRP is using Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver data-driven, tailored digital experiences for customers.

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In 1937, Joseph-Armand Bombardier patented the first-ever vehicle to travel on snow. Twenty years later, Bombardier launched Ski-Doo, and in the process, created the powersports industry.

Today, BRP continues Bombardier’s legacy of innovation. Growing to become a CA $6.1 billion company, the company’s brands (Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Can-Am, and Lynx, to name a few) are powering new adventures on water, on snow, on the road and in the air.

Traditionally, purchasing a powersports vehicle like a snowmobile was done solely in physical stores. Powersports enthusiasts would head to their local dealerships, sometimes multiple times, to ask questions, compare models, and get a demo of vehicles before buying the vehicle at the dealership.

However, in recent years, the industry has seen a shift in consumer purchase behavior as riders are increasingly turning to digital channels for everything from product research to post-purchase interactions like where to find the next great adventure.

Wanting to provide customers with the premium digital experiences they expect of the brand, BRP partnered with Adobe to create a whole new online presence. With Adobe Experience Cloud, BRP is delivering data-driven, tailored digital experiences for new and loyal customers alike.

Delivering a premium experience

The first challenge to tackle was reinventing BRP’s websites. In the past, the company’s brand websites were product forward and consisted mostly of product shots and descriptions. Today, the sites built on Adobe Experience Manager look very different. BRP brand websites are now dynamic sites that serve up unique content tailored to their customers’ lifestyles and interests. Take the Can-Am website, for example. A quick glance at the homepage, and you see endless photos of ATVs riding the mountains and experiencing the product. Using insights and data from Adobe Analytics, BRP can see how customers interact with the new sites and what content is resonating the most with them.

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With Adobe Target, BRP uses data to intelligently deliver a unique customer experience that includes product and accessory recommendations, as well as relevant content such as ambassador videos and tips for optimizing the next ride — all tailored to the unique needs and riding style of their customers. For example, a new rider who wants casual rides around the lake will see a recommended vehicle that meets his needs and a web series from Can-Am ambassadors sharing tips and tricks. A more adventurous rider may see suggestions for tires more appropriate for intense terrain.

To ensure that riders get the content they want, when and where they want it, BRP implemented Adobe Campaign. With Adobe Campaign, BRP delivers a seamless and consistent experience across its digital properties (website, email, and mobile app). BRP analyzes various data points about each customer, including geography, product interest, interaction history and more to deliver a seamless, tailored and consistent experience across all its digital properties (website, email and mobile app).

A customer who has perused the Sea-doo website and looked at a particular model but has yet to purchase might receive an email with additional info on the model the rider was interested in and a link to connect with a local dealership for a demo and to get any questions answered.

BRP believes that every interaction a customer has with the brand is an opportunity to serve their customers by inspiring their next ride or providing resources to improve their ownership experience. And it’s this commitment to personalized experiences that is fueling BRP’s success. With Adobe Campaign, BRP has already seen a 30 percent increase in digital conversion rates.

According to Matyas Gabor, VP of digital customer experience at BRP, “Coming from the graphic design industry, I have followed Adobe’s journey for many years. For companies like ours, where experience and emotion are at the core of our brand identity, Adobe provides the best marketing tech stack on earth. With Adobe Experience Cloud, we’re creating digital experiences that are seamless, consistent, and mind-blowing.”

A new horizon

One of the newest additions to the BRP digital experience is e-commerce. In recent years, e-commerce has continued to gain traction, and the pandemic has only accelerated its growth. Understanding that its customers expect the same shopping experience when purchasing a power sports vehicle as they do in other retail transactions, BRP added e-commerce capabilities to its newly redesigned websites.

Built on Magento Commerce, BRP customers can customize a powersports vehicle on the brand’s sites across various factors, including engine type and color. Once customized, the customer’s custom build is sent to a local dealer to complete the purchase. For those looking to purchase accessories for their vehicles, customers can explore options for their specific vehicle and purchase them directly from BRP’s newly relaunched parts, accessories, and apparel site and have the products shipped to their homes.

Image of customize your own sea-doo

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Whether it’s inspiring the next adventure or providing resources to help customers get the most value from their investments, anticipating and exceeding customer expectations has been the north star of BRP’s digital transformation.

BRP customers have come to associate the brand with premium products and experience, and its digital properties are no different. With a laser focus on exceeding customer expectations, both online and off, BRP is leveraging technology to add value to their customers’ lives.

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