Using creativity to #CreateWaves for ocean protection

Artist credit: Kelly Malka.

The ocean is the front line of climate change, and it has reached a tipping point. Protecting our ocean is key to solving climate change, but to make change happen, there needs to be greater awareness and understanding about the importance of ocean science and conservation. That is why the United Nations proclaimed 2021-2030 the ‘Ocean Decade’. We all have an important role to play in ocean conservation, and together we can make a positive impact.

At Adobe, our mission has always been to empower people to change the world. We know that creativity has the power to make that change possible. It is what brings us together, unites us, and now more than ever, it is a powerful way for people to speak out, to show support, and to create change towards a more sustainable future.

Adobe and The Ocean Agency are again coming together to launch #CreateWaves, a new campaign to inspire our global community to use their creativity to advocate for change, and raise awareness about the importance of the ocean and need for ocean protection. Joining the campaign are creators Kelly Malka, Annabelle, Martijn Schrijver, and Shaylin Wallace, as well as influencers supporting the Jeep Surf Ranch Pro Presented by Adobe event, who will be creating personal works of art that express why ocean protection is important and inspire others to use their creativity to advocate for change. We’ve created a special digital toolkit with templates, images and illustrations that anyone can use to show their support on social using #CreateWaves.

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People who take part in #CreateWaves will have the opportunity for their artwork to be featured at global ocean conservation conferences, and UN venues as part of the Ocean Decade Exhibition which launched at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris this June feature artwork from the Adobe community.

This latest campaign follows The Ocean League, a joint effort between Adobe and The Ocean Agency, giving everyone the opportunity to express their creativity and share unique images to show their support for the ocean by using specially designed ocean-themed Adobe Photoshop Camera lenses and pledging their support using Adobe Sign.

Adobe is committed to using our people, platform, creativity, and innovation to make change in the areas we can make the most impact, including sustainability. Over the last year, Adobe has made tremendous progress on our sustainability goals by applying innovative methods to become more energy efficient, contribute to thoughtful decarbonization, and deploy renewable energy. As such, Adobe was named to the CDP Climate Change A List for the fifth straight year — an honor awarded to the top 2.8 percent of almost 10,000 companies evaluated.

Learn more about the ways Adobe supports sustainability:

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