delivering personalization at scale has never been more critical

Advancements in personalization announced at Adobe Digital Summit 2021

It’s been a year since the pandemic rose to a global scale, causing industries to rapidly accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, pivoting to meet very urgent digital consumer demands. Last year, our Adobe Summit event needed to pivot as well, moving in 3 weeks to be completely digital. Last year’s Adobe Summit became a showcase for the necessity of personalization, using Adobe Target to deliver recommended content and personalized messaging to our record digital attendees.

One year later, we’re excited to deliver another highly anticipated Adobe Summit, with personalized experiences for registrants powered by Adobe Target. The topic of personalization at scale, rapidly adapting to changing consumer needs and providing superior customer service across web, mobile and digital devices — has never been more critical or top of mind. Last year, the “Future of Personalization” session in the Personalization track was the second top-viewed session, and it is positioned to once again be at the top, covering trends in personalization in a cookieless future, omnichannel offer decisioning, and AI/ML innovations.


Personalization track at Adobe Summit

Our Personalization track includes the following sessions: Adobe Target’s Innovations In Personalization (including new algorithms), Personalizing at Near-Zero Latency (for performance critical consumer experiences and feature flagging), How Data Scientists can Create Personalized Experiences (including the latest cutting edge AI/ML concepts and use cases), Personalization Strategies Using Artificial Intelligence (chock full of “Art of the Possible” AI use cases) and Personalization with Analytics (A4T), Real-time Personalization with Adobe Target (leveraging the Adobe Experience Platform). Additionally, we’re hosting three stellar customer sessions, including T-Mobile (automated content decisions), Pitney Bowes (Experimentation Culture), and HD Supply (robust personalization with a lean team.)

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I’m sure the innovation super session, hosted by Anjul Bhambri, SVP, Adobe Experience Cloud caused a lot of excitement specifically around how Adobe is pioneering a strategy to enable our clients to build their own data foundation and address the cookieless future. In the session, we announced a new enterprise application custom built for delivering cross-channel customer journey orchestration and optimization.

As you can imagine, Adobe Target is front and center within these major announcements, with exciting application innovations in data, journey and decisioning advancements that are central to these broader announcements.

The importance of Customer Data Platforms

In the keynotes, we announced a strategy and product set that we have pioneered to address the cookieless future, namely the increasing expiration timeframe for 3rd party cookies to strategies for building out a company’s first party cookie profile and data set with Adobe’s next generation Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP). While companies develop this strategy, Adobe Target can be used right away for personalizing anonymous traffic based on in-session behavioral data, as well as using AI-powered activities like Auto-Target to drive anonymous visitors to authentication.

Today, Adobe announced the next generation of its Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP), the only enterprise application architected from the ground up for first-party data-driven customer acquisition and engagement. As Adobe Real-time CDP enables brands to build a prospect’s profile based on brand interactions, Adobe Target ingests available data and orchestrates in real-time the next-best content, offer or experience, which includes identifying the right moment in between clicks to trigger registration and consent from the unknown visitor. In addition, Adobe Target enables brands to bring prospects’ propensity scores (the likelihood that a visitor will perform certain actions like a purchase) from Adobe Real-time CDP into Adobe Target to deliver relevant experiences that will likely turn a prospect into a customer.

Omnichannel offer decisioning and delivery

Adobe also announced Adobe Journey Optimizer, built for orchestrating and delivering personalized, connected customer journeys across any app, device, screen, or channel. Adobe Target will soon have a powerful integration with Adobe Journey Optimizer’s offer decisioning engine and offer library to power personalized offers for inbound use cases across web and app. This enables an organization to deliver the next best offer across both outbound use cases leveraging Journey Optimizer and real-time inbound use cases across web and mobile apps leveraging the personalization and optimization power of Adobe Target.

Zero-latency optimization on-device

Adobe Target is a mission critical personalization engine for top companies worldwide across industries, including 68 of the top Fortune 100. As web sites and mobile apps get more and more sophisticated, we’re continuing to expand our ability to support unique and highly flexible architectures in service of all environments and use cases, including client-side, service-side, hybrid, SPA/PWA, and now on-device decisioning to ensure that personalization can be everywhere with superior performance in mind. Our final major Target update at Summit is an expansion of our on-device decisioning server-side SDK deployment for Adobe Target to include Python and Microsoft .Net framework as well as client-side AT.js library. This will assist in deploying testing and personalization within critical low latency customer experiences including release rollouts and feature flagging use cases for new digital experiences.

We are proud and thrilled that Adobe Target continues to power personalization at scale for so many industry leaders at this most critical time period, as well as powering the personalized experience you will receive and that will inspire you in our second digital Adobe Summit. Enjoy and see you in meetings and at our Personalization track sessions!

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