How do I save on Procreate?

Procreate is an essential tool for illustrators, graphic designers and lovers of He drew !
you just completed your premium and you wonder how save in procreate?

How do you save your work in Procreate?

First of all, it is useful to ask yourself in what format you want be registered his work ?

In fact, Procreate offers multiple ways toexporter his work.

To do this, nothing could be simpler – go to the Actions panel and click on the third tab: Share.

You have two options: save ‘simage you just created, depending on the layers you have selected or save the layers. Let’s take a closer look at the options available to you.

Save an image with Procreate

The first tab section Share offers you to save your photo in different formats:

  • Format Procreate It will allow you to share your file so that it can be edited from the Procreate application, on another Ipad for example. This format is very useful if you want to share your work with another collaborating illustrator, for example.
  • The PSD format allows yoube registered your work so you can use it in Photoshop – Very useful if you want to finish your work with unique Photoshop features.
  • JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats will allow yoube registered an image in different qualities. Before that, make sure to make visible the layers you want to see in your final image.
    Unlike the first two, this format won’t allow you to edit afterwards, at least you won’t find your layers separated if you later want to modify them from Photoshop for example, since your work will be flattened.
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Select the option that suits you best and export his work.

A new window opens: you can choose to share your work through applications such as mecloudairdrop, Instagram, etc. However, if you want save your photo on your Ipad, remember to click “Save Image”.

How to save an image to procreate

Then from your “Photo” app, you can go and view your saved image!

Save layers with Procreate

The second section of tabs Share which allows save their layers separately.

  • PDF will allow you to create a PDF file where each page represents a layer of your work.
  • PNG Files – Each layer of your work will be saved in PNG format.
  • Animated GIF / Animated PNG / Animated MP4 / Animated HEVC: As the name suggests, these different formats allow you toexporter a short video made with your layers. These last formats allow you to edit your video before exporting it: in particular, you can choose its resolution and the number of images per second. Once you have edited these settings, click “Export”.

Finally, click “Save Video” (or “Save File”, depending on the option chosen).

You can then view your work from your Ipad: the PDF file will be in your files, and your PNGs and animations will be saved to your Photos.

Well done ! Now you know save your work in Procreate!

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