Can you NFT in Procreate?

Hello dear Internet user, and welcome to my new tutoriel in Procreatetheapplication to the success of He drew for iPad. Today I will answer your question: Can we do NFT in Procreate? ?

What is an NFT?

The NFT are non-fungible tokenthat is, tokens that are unique and cannot be replaced by something similar (unlike cryptomonnaies for example). Arrivals thanks to the technology of cryptocurrencies (and lock chains), NFTs are digital files to which is attached a digital certificate of authenticity.

It’s a bit like the new art market… all digital.

Today, many artists are making their fortunes from digital artwork that they sell as NFT. These works can be files, videos, images, photos… Today we are going to focus more particularly on the image format: let’s see together how to create NFT in Procreate.

Can you NFT in Procreate?

You want to take advantage of this new technology and create NFT yourself with Procreate ? The answer is yes ! You can create your own NFTs.

I am myself create a series of NFTs that I will share soon… πŸ˜‰

To do this, you will need create works and save them in .png format (or .gif if you’re making an animated one). This is the procedure to follow:

  • You can choose to make unique works, or create a collection. I feel like the NFT collections are the best sellers…
  • Once you have chosen the subject of your work or your collection, you can draw in Procreate. If you are making a collection, I recommend that you always keep canvases the same size.
  • When your work or your The collection of NFT is carried out, you can export it in .png format, which is the best quality for an image. To do this, go to the Action Panel, then click the Sharing tab, then PNG.
  • Your work is saved on your Ipad. Now you will have to transfer it to your computer. You can go through iCloud or Google Drive.
  • Once retrieved on your computer, you will be able to import it into NFT markets like Open Sea for example.
  • The platform will ask you to tell a story about your NFT. Then you will have to imagine a story about your NFT collection.
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There you go, I hope I have answered your question. Can NFTs be done in Procreate? Β»?
Feel free to check out my other Procreate articles, or let me know what you think in the comments!

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