How to maintain aspect ratio?

In the CSS for the

, add a percentage value for padding-bottom and set the position to relative, this will maintain the aspect ratio of the container. The value of the padding determines the aspect ratio. ie 56.25% = 16:9.

As many you asked, how do I preserve an image aspect ratio? The Simple Solution Using CSS By setting the width property to 100%, you are telling the image to take up all the horizontal space that is available. With the height property set to auto, your image’s height changes proportionally with the width to ensure the aspect ratio is maintained.

Considering this, what is meant by Maintain aspect ratio? If you select the Maintain Aspect Ratio check box, the embedded Mimic will retain its original proportions. This means that when you resize the embedded Mimic, its width and height will maintain their relationship, for example, if you reduce the height, the width will also reduce automatically.

Also the question is, how do you maintain aspect ratio in HTML? In the HTML, put the player

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