How do i remove someone’s e-mail account on my notebook?

  1. From the Windows desktop, navigate: Start. Settings icon. Accounts. Email & app accounts. .
  2. From the right-pane, select the account to remove then select. Manage. .
  3. Select. Delete account. .
  4. From the prompt, select. Delete. to confirm.


How do I remove an email account from my laptop?

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Accounts.
  3. Click on Email & accounts.
  4. Select the account that you’re planning to remove.
  5. Click the Manage button.
  6. Click the Delete account from this device option.
  7. Click the Delete button.
  8. Click the Done button.

How do I remove an email account from one device?

To delete an email account from a single device, go to the Settings in your phone and scroll down until you find the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option. Click on it and then scroll down until you find the account that you want to delete. Tap on it and then tap Delete Account.

How do I delete a 2nd user on my laptop?

Select Start > Settings > Accounts > Family & other users. Under Other users, select the flyout for the account you want to remove. Next to Account and data, select Remove.

How do I remove someone else’s Gmail account from my computer?

  1. Go to your Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Click Edit Profile in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Manage People from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose a person and point at it until you reach the Remove.
  5. This person option (it’s under More).
  6. To permanently remove a user.
  7. Click their name after selecting.

How do I remove old email addresses from my computer?

You can delete old email addresses by deleting the email account from your computer. For example, you could go to Settings -> Accounts -> Mail -> “Mail” tab -> “Remove Account”.

How do I remove an email account from Windows 10?

  1. go into settings and click your windows mail app.
  2. find the account you want to delete on the left hand side.
  3. right click on the account.
  4. select account settings.
  5. select delete account.

How do I remove an email account from my tablet?

  1. From Settings, swipe to and tap Accounts and backup.
  2. Tap Manage accounts, and then select your email account.
  3. Tap Remove account, and then tap Remove account again to confirm.

How do I remove a Google Account from one laptop?

Sign out of all accounts. Then when you go to gmail it will ask you to sign in and choose from your accounts. At the bottom is the option to add an account or remove an account. Click remove account then click on the red (-) to remove the account you don’t want listed anymore.

Does deleting an email on one device delete it on all devices?

Some people might think that deleting an email from any device will result in the content of that email being deleted on all devices, but this is not true. As a matter of fact, each platform operates independently and deletes emails differently.

How do I delete user accounts?

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select the Accounts Option.
  3. Select Family and Other Users.
  4. Select the user and press Remove.
  5. Select Delete account and data.

How do I delete a second administrator account?

  1. Click the Windows Start button. This button is located in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Then choose Accounts.
  4. Select Family & other users.
  5. Choose the admin account you want to delete.
  6. Click on Remove.
  7. Finally, select Delete account and data.

How do I delete a 2nd user on Windows 10?

  1. Press Windows key, click on Settings.
  2. Click on Account, click on Family and other users.
  3. Select the user you want to delete under Other users and click on Remove.
  4. Accept the UAC (User Account Control) prompt.
  5. Select Delete account and data if you wish to delete account and the data and follow onscreen instructions.

How do I delete someone else’s email address?

Easy, just go to the Settings app >> Account >> Google. Then, select the account that you want to remove. Click on it. Done.

How do I delete a Gmail account that is not mine?

The only way to fix this is to delete the new Gmail account from the existing Google account so the non-Gmail address becomes primary again. You will not be able to reuse the deleted Gmail account name again.

How do I remove a Microsoft account from my device?

  1. Press Windows key + r to open run command.
  2. Type netplwiz to open user accounts.
  3. In user accounts select user.
  4. Under user just select the Microsoft account.
  5. Click on remove.
  6. Click on apply.
  7. Click on ok.

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