How do i print out quotes from a notebook in logos bible software?

How do I print notes in logos?

Print Your Notes and Notebooks To print a single note, select the note you want, and click the panel menu icon followed by Print/Export. To print an entire notebook, open the relevant notebook and click the panel menu icon followed by Print/Export without selecting any of the notes within it.

Can you export notes from logos?

Export notes out of Logos Select the notes you wish to print or export. Open the Notes panel menu. Select Print/Export, or simply use your keyboard commands as listed on the right-hand side. In the pop-up window that appears, further options for printing and export will appear.

How do I make my notebook logos 9?

Create a Notebook Add a Notebook. Click the Plus icon and type the name of your new Notebook. Press Enter when you are finished. Logos adds your new Notebook to the list of available notebooks.

How do I export a book from logos?

Use the Print/Export dialog to preview, print, copy, or save content from any resource or tool within Logos. To open the dialog from any panel, click the panel icon and choose Print/Export from the menu. You can also press Cmd+P (Mac) or Ctrl+P (Windows). The dialog will open in a floating window.

How do I print my logo app?

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