How do i delete notebook in my one note?

  1. Go to your OneDrive account and navigate to the notebook that you want to delete (it’s likely stored in Files > Documents).
  2. Right-click the name of the notebook, and then select Delete.

Why can I not delete a notebook in OneNote?

You can’t delete notebooks from OneNote, so you will need to find it using File Explorer and remove it from there.

How do I delete a notebook in OneNote app?

Open the “OneNote Notebooks” folder, which OneNote creates for notebook storage by default. Once there, right-click the folder you want to delete. Click “Delete” in the context menu that appears. The notebook is now deleted from your local machine.

How do I delete a OneNote notebook from Sharepoint?

Delete a OneNote notebook from a shared location Go to your shared notebook (for example, use File Explorer if the shared notebook is stored on a network file share, or use Internet Explorer to view your notebook folders on OneDrive). Right-click the folder, and then click Delete.

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