How do i connect my vizio soundbar to my notebook?


How do I connect my laptop to my Vizio sound bar?

Can You Connect A Vizio Soundbar To A Pc? Toslink cables should be inserted into the soundbar at one end. You can connect your soundbar to your PC using an optical audio cable if it has a Toslink (also known as optical audio) port.

How do I connect my soundbar to my laptop?

It’s usually on the side of a laptop’s keyboard, or on the front of a desktop unit. Plug the other end of the AUX cable into the soundbar. The location is varies by device, but the port will usually be labeled “AUX.” Once the connection is made, Windows will automatically play audio through the soundbar.

How do I connect my soundbar to my computer?

Most computers, especially laptops, have built-in Bluetooth. Connecting a soundbar to a computer via Bluetooth is probably the easiest method. Simply enable pairing mode on the soundbar, open the Bluetooth options on your computer, click on the soundbar, and wait for the connection to complete.

How do I put my Vizio sound bar in pairing mode?

How do you put a soundbar in pairing mode?

Set the soundbar to Bluetooth pairing mode. Repeatedly press Source on the remote or soundbar until the soundbar’s display reads BT > WAIT > BT PAIRING. If the soundbar displays BT READY, press and hold Source on the soundbar until BT PAIRING displays.

Does laptop have HDMI ARC?

PCs do not have HDMI-ARC. DVDs do not have HDMI-ARC. ARC is a way to get audio from a ARC enabled TV to an ARC compatible home theater system, avr, or soundbar without an additional cable.

How do I connect my soundbar to my laptop with HDMI?

To do this, simply run an HDMI cable from your computer to the TV, then connect a second HDMI cable to the sound bar’s ARC input.

Can I connect soundbar to PC with HDMI?

It is possible to connect a TV to a pc via HDMI and then connect the TV through the HDMI ARC port to the soundbar, and then open up your computer’s audio settings. This setup might allow you to automatically send digital audio from your computer to your soundbar via your TV.

Can you connect a soundbar with USB?

Unfortunately, you can’t connect your soundbar to a TV using a USB port because USB fails to support the transmission of audio and video signals between devices. However, you can use an HDMI, digital optical, Aux, or RCA cable (along with an adapter, if needed) to form a connection.

How do I hook up my surround sound to my computer?

If you need to connect surround sound to your computer, all that is required is that your sound card has surround sound ports. Depending on your specific surround sound system, you will need either analog RCA surround sound ports or an optical audio output port.

What is optical cable for soundbar?

The one standout in home audio/video market is the optical audio cable. Unlike other cabling standards, the optical audio system uses fiber optic cables and laser light to transmit digital audio signals between devices.

Why is my Vizio sound bar Bluetooth not working?

Restart both devices Sometimes a temporary error on Vizio sound bar or source device (mobile, tablet, computer, laptop, tv, or any other Bluetooth compatible device) causes pairing issue. Restart the source device and Vizio soundbar and try again to pair.

What is the code for Vizio sound bar?

The code 00165 will turn the power on and off.

Why won’t my Vizio sound bar connect to my TV?

Solution. Reboot it. The first and easiest method you can try is to simply reboot your Vizio sound bar and your TV. You can use the power button or the remote, but be sure to unplug it as well and wait at least ten seconds before plugging it back in again.

Why is my soundbar not connecting to Bluetooth?

In most cases, if the pairing does not work, it is due to an incorrect method of performing the pairing, or the device may need to be reset, updated, or incompatible with the soundbar. A soundbar can only be paired with a Bluetooth device that plays audio, such as a TV, tablet, or phone.

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