How to recolor a line in Procreate?

Welcome to this new tutorial for artists Y creative lovers of digital paintwho want to learn how to use Procreate, thedrawing app reference in iPad ! today we are going to see how to recolor a line in Procreate?

Why recolor a line in Procreate?

You may have noticed your feature a little carefully, and that you ultimately want the recolor. For this there are several ways to do it, we will go through which ones.

So how do you change the color of a line in Procreate?

Change the color using drag and drop

The first solution for change the color of your line, and the simplest if it is not too fine, is to slide and color drop above, like you do to fill a solid color, for example.

Make sure your line is alone on your layer for this to work; otherwise you risk repainting any other lines your line touches. And if this is not the case, make sure you select the outlines of your line beforehand using the selection tool (in the shape of an S), before dragging and dropping.

Then you just have to click with the pencil on your the colors at the top left and drag it onto your line. Release your stylus only when it touches the line.

However, this technique has its limits: if you have made a thin line or a texture that is not smooth, then it will not work, and I advise you to use the second method.

Recolor using Alpha Lock

For this method to work, your line must be on its own layer.

Thanks to this method, you will be able to recolor your line without overdoing it.

To activate Alpha Lock, you need to click on the layer and then Alpha Lock, or swipe right on your layer with two fingers. You can see its effect when a small grid appears behind your layer. This means your line is selected. You can now recolor with your brushwithout exceeding !

Recolor by selecting layer

Hover over your line layer, click on it, click select layer, then in the dialog that appears at the bottom, click Color Fill. The line contained in the layer is automatically filled with the previously selected color.

There you are, now you know how to change the color of a line in procreate. don’t forget to save your work.

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