How to put Procreate in black and white?

Welcome to this new article about Procrear, LA drawing software reference for ipad ! Today you ask yourselves, lovers of drawings et illustrators, how to put procreate in black and white ? So I will answer your question.

First, note that it is not possible to pass your entire interface from procreate black and whitefor the good and simple reason that this drawing tool was designed to process all colors.

However, I can teach you desaturate your drawing with the purpose of switch to black and white.

How do I make my Procreate drawing black and white?

First, import your artwork using the “photo” button at the top right of your gallery. You can also apply black and white to an existing layer of one of your illustrations.

Once you’ve imported your image, go to the Settings menu, third button on the top left of your screen (in the form of a magic wand).

How do I put part of my drawing in black and white?

From this menu, choose the first button called “Hue, Saturation, Lightness”, click on it – choose the “Pencil” button.

This tool will allow you apply black and white only part of his drawing, thanks to the stylus.

Start by selecting the type of brush you want with apply black and white effectfrom your brush library (brush button at the top right of your screen).

Once the brush is selected, activate the indicator. saturation on the left, at the bottom of the screen. The more to the left less color and saturated and therefore in in black and white.

Using the brush, apply this effect to the desired area of ​​your image.

How to put part of your drawing in black and white

How to put all my drawing in black and white?

The procedure is the same, except that instead of selecting ‘Pencil’, you must select ‘Layer’, under the ‘Hue, Saturation, Lightness’ button in your Adjustments panel.

In the same way, set saturation to minimum (moving the pointer to the left): your drawing is immediately desaturatedand therefore in in black and white !

How to make your Procreate drawing black and white

well done now you know put your Procreate drawing in black and white ! Think carefully about Saving your work in Procreate.

Feel free to check out the other articles about Procreate and comment and share 😉

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