How to mirror in Procreate?

welcome to this new tutoriel for you learn to draw in Procreate, the application of He drew reference for ipad: today I teach you how to mirror in procreatre.

How to duplicate in Procreate

Procreate it’s great useful that allows you many things! Today we will see your tool for symmetry.

To do this, go to the Action panel, then on the Canvas tab, turn on the drawing guide and click “Edit drawing guide“.

This is where you will choose to turn symmetry on, from the bottom right button. Click on it to activate the symmetry, then click on the “Options” button to discover the different types of symmetries that are offered to you. Let’s review these different options before moving on to practice.

Vertical or horizontal symmetry

This first option allows you draw mirror.

Select it, then place the axis wherever you want in the He drew. You can also choose the color of this axis using the color line at the top of your screen.

quadratic symmetry

This option allows you to cut your canvas in 4 and play Ainsi your drawing in four beats.

radial symmetry

The radial symmetry divides the screen into eight parts. This option is the most suitable if, for example, you want to draw mandalas. I discuss this further in my article How to make a mandala with Procreate?

rotational symmetry

If you check this option, the symmetry of your drawing will rotate clockwise.

How to enable symmetry in Procreate

When you’re good, click OK at the top right of your screen. Hover over the desired layer and remember to activate the Drawing Wizard (clicking on it brings up the options) before you start drawing. You can disable this option at any time to get out of symmetry.

what, symmetry in Procreate has no more secrets for you! Think hard save your work.

Do not hesitate to share your testimonials in comments 😉

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