How to make straight strokes in Procreate?

Procreate it is application from He drew reference in ipad-proideal for graphic designers, illustrators or lovers from premium ! Today I teach you to draw straight lines through this tool.

How to make straight strokes in Procreate?

To make straight lines in Procreate, there are different possibilities.
Can you do straight lines thanks to a finger shortcut, but also thanks to the drawing guide. I explain everything below.

How to draw straight lines with your finger

The first and easiest solution is draw your line with the stylus and hold it down before releasing it: your city it will become in right linewhich will have the option to stretch and end anywhere on the page.

Here is an example video:

The other advantage of this technique is that you can also do tangents Y lines at 90ยฐC pressing the screen with the other finger, as in the video below.

How to draw straight lines using the drawing assistant

The other technique is to use the Drawing Wizard. This will allow you to automatically follow the lines of your drawing grid.

  • From the Action Panel, click the Canvas tab, then activate the “Drawing Guide” button. This should display a Grid. However, if this is not the case, you can click “Edit Drawing Guide” and choose the first guide: “2D Grid”. A grid appears on your sheet.
  • Go back to your work. Click on the layer you want make straight lines. Click on “Drawing Wizard”. This great tool will help you reproduce straight lines as in your grid.
  • Make your line: as you can notice, your traits now follow those in your grid: each stroke is automatically straight !
How to make straight strokes in Procreate

Congratulations, you now know how to use the Drawing Wizard to make straight lines !

Don’t forget to save your work. In the same vein, I invite you to read my article โ€œhow to make perfect circlesโ€.

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