How to make pixel art in Procreate?

Welcome to this new article about Procreatethe reference drawing app for iPad. This tutorial is for everyone. creative and lovers of He drew. today we are going to learn how to make pixel art in procreate ?

What is pixel art?

First, let’s define the pixel art.

You pixel art is, as its name indicates, the creation of a work whose pixels are visible, that is, whose representation is pixelated. It has its origins in the 70s, when the pixel was still new and we were at the beginning of digitization. Brought back to the fore, in particular thanks to the NFT, pixel art now it is experiencing a new popularity.

Why make pixel art in Procreate?

As I was saying, it seems that this art has become fashionable again thanks to NFTand in particular to the series of crypto punk : funny pixelated characters that have sold billions of dollars on the web.

To surf this trend, many artists have reappropriated the pixel art to also try to make a fortune thanks to NFTs.

Other than that, I don’t see why anyone would want to do pixel artbut if you want to enlighten me, feel free to leave a little opinion in the comments 😉

So how do you do pixel art in Procreate?

The very principle of pixel art being to make the pixels visible, it will be necessary to create a canvas in very low definition.

  • To start, I recommend that you create a canvas of 50px by 50px. The lower the definition, the more pixels will be visible.
  • Next, go to the Actions panel and activate the Drawing Guide.
  • Just below, click Edit Drawing Guide
  • Go to Grid Size: Default is 2px, change it to 1 pixeland then click OK.
  • Go to the brush library and choose a sharp brush (I recommend the technical pen in the ink section).
  • Change the size of your brush to take it tou minimum, to be 1 pixel.
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I lent myself to the exercise to illustrate this article, and here is the result of my beautiful blue cat 😂:

Over there pixel art no longer has secrets for you, now you know how to make pixel art in procreate ! have fun 😁

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