How to make calligraphy in Procreate?

Hello and welcome to this new article for everyone. creative who wish to improve their use of Procreate, thedrawing app for iPad. Today we will see in this tutorial how to use calligraphy in procreate ?

What is calligraphy?

The calligraphy is the art of forming letters et Print awriting and decorate them. This practice is also called Letters.

Why make calligraphy in Procreate?

you may need create beautiful calligraphy if you want, for example, to make a greeting card, content for your social networks or even packaging. the letters it is a separate discipline in illustration.

How to make calligraphy in Procreate?

As with any practice, this one will require a lot of practice.

Create a calligraphy grid in Procreate

The first thing you should do is you create a calligraphy grid which will allow you to have reference points for trace your letters. To do this, I advise you to download grids that you will find on the internet. I put mine down: keep them in your iPadand then from the Action panel go to the Add tab, then Insert Photo and select your grid.

Grid 1: calligraphy in Procreate
Grid 2: Calligraphy in Procreate

Find calligraphy patterns

It is always good to work with references. The next step is to find patterns. calligraphy to copy. For this tutorial, we will choose a calligraphy brush the style by hand, as in the model below.

To achieve this, you will need to use the oblique grid.

To have your reference on screen while drawyou can go to Action > Canvas > Reference > Image > and select the reference image that you have previously downloaded to your iPad.

How to import a reference in PRocreate

Select a suitable brush

There is a library of suitable brushes to calligraphy in Procreate. You can find them directly in the brush library. For my part I am going to use the one called “brush pen”. It’s a pressure-responsive brush, meaning it makes wider strokes when you press harder with the pencil, which reproduces the effect of the brush and allows you to alternate between thinner and thicker strokes.

Create your calligraphy in Procreate

Now you can create your calligraphy. Remember to create a new layer above your grid layer and start trace your letters.

The most common principle in this type of lettersis to press the pen down when the stroke goes down and release it when it goes up.

Add effects to your calligraphy

You can then duplicate its layer, change its color or opacity, and change it slightly to shade it, like in my letters below.

How to make calligraphy in Procreate?

Remember to save your work.

There you are, now you know how to do calligraphy in procreate.
If you want to go further, I recommend the courses on the Domestika platform.

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