How to make a filter in Procreate?

Welcome to this new article about Procreate! my blog is for everyone illustrators et drawing lovers who want to learn how to use Design software. today we are going to see how to make a filter in procreate.

What does a filter mean in Procreate?

An filters can take several forms: it can be an adjustment layer that, placed on top of its stack of layers, apply an effect to all your work. This can be useful if you want color all your work with a single color, or if you wish integrate a theme to your work to make it more organic.

We will call this effect tuning filter ยป later in the article.

In addition, it is also possible to create a filter dedicated to social networks, that is, a filter that will allow you to create a mask on the face of the person looking at the camera, as in the image below.

We will call this effect Filter for social networks ยป later in the article.

Therefore, this article will be divided into two parts, according to these two practices.

How to make a filter in Procreate?

Make a configuration filter in Procreate

Make a color filter

For example, let’s start by applying a color filter to all your work.

To do this, nothing could be simpler: create a new layer over your layer stack, then pour a the colors (for example here, pink).

For now, hide the rest of your work, because it’s in “normal” mode. To apply it as a filter, just click on the N on your layer (N for Normal): then you have the ability to apply a wide variety of filters to your work! Here are the different filters available:

  • Multiplier
  • Dark
  • Color density +
  • Linear density +
  • darker color
  • Normal
  • Sure
  • Screen
  • color density
  • Add
  • Lighter colour
  • incrustation
  • filtered light
  • raw light
  • bright light
  • Lineal light
  • lightpoint
  • maximum mix
  • Differentiation ยฉ rence
  • Exclusion
  • subtraction
  • Division
  • colour
  • Saturation
  • Color
  • brightness

I invite you to try each of these the filter to familiarize yourself with its effects and agree on the one that best suits you The effect You are looking for.

You can also vary the opacity of your filter by playing with the opacity slider just below your layer.

Here is a before/after of my digital painting: a landscape to which I applied the Hue filter (in pink therefore).

Make a material filter in Procreate

Here’s another tip: it’s also possible to apply a material to your work using this process, to give it a more “organic” and less digital effect.

To start I invite you to take a photo or search the internet for a paper material, or canvas. Then insert this image above your layer stack (Action > Add > Insert Photo), then apply the overlay filter โ€“ done! His painting appears to have been done on paper.

Make a filter for social networks

Procreate offers a feature that is fascinating to say the least: the one that allows you create a filter to be applied to your face, facing the camera. This feature is available on iPads of the eighth generation, that is, from 8.

To do this, go to the Actions panel, click the Canvas tab, then click the Reference button. A new reference tab is displayed, click the “face” button.

You will see your face on the screen, as well as a new mask on his canvas indicating the position of the eyes, nose and mouth.

Now you can draw the filter that amuses you, and to see it appear alive in your face. Like for example this beautiful clown mask that I just made (don’t judge me haha, I made it in 5 minutes for the XD demo). Or this other terrifying mask I made for Halloween!

There you are, now you know how to make a filter in procreate ! Don’t forget to save your work.

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