How to make a circle in Procreate?

welcome to this new tutoriel to Procreate, the application of premium reference for ipad. Today I teach you how to circulate in procreate ?

How to make a circle in Procreate?

Are illustrator, designeror just a fan of He drewand today you want draw a circle in Procreate. There is currently no tool geometric form strictly speaking about Procreate and that’s why I’m going to show you how make a circle with a brush, and how draw a perfect circle.

How to make a circle with a stamp in Procreate?

The first option is to create a brush with a stamp. round.

To do this, go to your Brush Library:

  • Click the + at the top right of the list
  • Go to the 3rd tab “ way«
  • By default, the proposed form is a round. However, if this is not the case for you, explore the library of forms and choose a round
  • Then go to the grain tab and choose the “Blank” grain. Once again, it is proposed by default on my part.
  • Finally, go to the Properties tab, then under “Brush Behavior”, push the Max Size to max

Your brush is now ready. Let’s move on to operations.

  • Go back to your sheet, increase your brush size and press your sheet once – you draw a solid circle thanks to the seal of your brush. Now we wish, from this form, draw the outline of the circle uniquement.
How to make a circle in Procreate
  • Duplicate your layer containing the circle
  • Turn on the alpha lock on this second layer (click on it > Alpha Lock)
  • Fill in this second circle blank.
  • Click on the resize tool at the top of the screen (the slider)
  • At the bottom left of your screen, activate the Magnet > Magnetism button
  • Resize your white circle, so the outlines of your first circle appear.
Resize your shape
  • Then go back to your white circle layer, click on it and click “select”
select your circle
  • Click on your first layer circle (purple for me), and click “delete”
Your circle is created
  • what, you have a perfect circle thanks to this technique!

How to draw a perfect circle with the pencil in Procreate?

There is another solution, in my opinion much simpler. to draw a circle in Procreate.

  • Use the same brush but reduce its size. This should correspond to the size of the line that will surround the circle. As a reminder, you can go back to the brush settings and in the Properties tab reduce its maximum and minimum size until you get the size that works for you.
  • With your pen, draw a circle and hold the pen down on the screen + tap a finger on the screen
  • Their the circle will become a perfect circle thanks to this technique
  • At the top, there is an “Edit Shape” button – you can modify it until it suits you.

There you are, now you know draw a perfect circle in Procreate.

How to make a square in Procreate?

I take this opportunity to also address this question, which is along the same lines as the previous one.

Follow the last option given to make a perfect circle : with your pencil, draw a square in Procreate. Hold down the stylus and your square will turn into a right quadrilateral. Also, press your finger on the screen and your quad will turn into perfect square !

How to make a square in Procreate

Here the geometric forms in Procreate I have no secrets for you anymore 🙂 don’t hesitate to leave me your opinions about these techniques in the comments.

In the same category, I invite you to consult my article. How to make straight strokes in Procreate!

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