How to hide in Procreate?

Welcome to this new article. today we are going to learn how to hide in procreate ? My article is for everyone. creative and lovers of He drew who wish to improve their use of Procreate, drawing app reference in iPad !

Why use skins in Procreate?

There are three types of More expensive in Procreate, and each has a very specific functionality. I will explain in the next chapter the occasions when you may need to use it.

How to hide in Procreate?

Let’s see what the three types of More expensive offered by Procreate.

activate mask

This option allows you to apply changes to your layer through a mask. It can be useful in case you want to apply changes to a layer without altering it (you just have to deactivate the option mask to find its original layer).

For activate the maskjust click on the layer in question and then click activate mask in the dialog that appears.

You mask will appear on top of your layer, as in the example below for layer 31. Apply black to erase the contents of the layer it’s linked to.

Hide in Procreate with Alpha Lock

EC mask is very useful if you want to color the content of a layer without going overboard. I already told you about it in this article. To activate it, you have two options:

  • Click on the layer, then click on alpha lock in the dialog that appears.
  • Swipe right on your layer with two fingers, this will activate Alpha Lock.
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When Alpha Lock is on, the background of your layer will be gridded, like in the image below. To disable it, simply repeat the same operation.

Alpha lock in PRocreate

Mask in Procreate with clipping mask

You clipping mask it is without a doubt my favourite, the one I use most often.
I already told you about it in this article, I invite you to read it to better understand its usefulness.

To activate it, you just have to place the material layer on top of the shape layer. Then click on the material layer and click on Clipping mask in the dialog that appears. The material magically fits into the shape of the layer below. As in the image below, Layer #15 (the mountains) fits into shape layer #3, France.

Clipping Mask in Procreate

Here the skins in Procreate I have no more secrets for you! Now you know how to hide in procreate. Feel free to share my article if it was useful to you 🙂

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