How to group layers in Procreate?

This article is for drawing enthusiasts or professional illustrators who want to learn how to use Procreate, application from He drew reference for ipad ! today we are going to see how to group layers in procreate.

Why group layers in Procreate?

But first, why group layers in Procreate ? Well, simply to organize your various layers and facilitate your navigation in them. This can allow you group layers of the foreground, those of the second and those of the 3rd plane in different groups, to better identify them. Also, grouping layers allows you merge in the same layer, it is in a certain way a forced step.

How to group layers in Procreate?

The classic method

The first method is for select each of your layers sliding to the right, like in the video below. Once you’ve selected all your layers, all you have to do is click the ” group that appeared at the top of the layer stack. Then, you have the possibility to rename this group, to have a better organization of your layers.

Then you have the option to flatten your layer stack in a single layer by clicking the group and selecting “Flatten”.

Group layers by drag and drop

There is another method to group layers. To do this, simply drag and drop one layer onto another layer (keeping your finger pressed on the layer you want to move). Move it to the second layer automatically create a layer group. then you can fill this group dragging and dropping other layers. By default, these will go to the bottom of your layer stack.

How to merge layers

There is a faster method, as long as you want to merge all your layers into one. To do this, simply select them as in the previous method and then pinch each other: and there they are flattened into a single layer, as in the video demo below.

There you are, now you know how to group layers in procreateand merge them, using three quick and easy methods. don’t forget save your work, and if you wish you can consult my other articles at Procreate !

I hope this article has been useful to you, do not hesitate to leave a comment 🙂

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