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Welcome to this new article about Procreate, drawing software for iPad. My tutorial is for all lovers of He drew and today answers the question ” How to find deleted files in Procreate Β»?

How do I find deleted drawing works in Procreate?

You accidentally deleted files and want to recover them, let’s see how restore your work.

save your work

The first step, of course, is make backup copies as often as possible!
By backups I mean backups of your images (.png) but also of your source files in .procreate format (most importantly, this file format saves all your layers!). To know how to make a backup in procreate, I invite you to read my article on the subject.

Before, it only saved files in .png format. And then a tragedy happened to me: that of losing all my data due to an error on my Ipad πŸ˜₯ a difficult ordeal, which took hundreds of hours of work (and the source files of all my clients!).

Since then, I can tell you that I no longer make the mistake: I regularly do Backups.

once you saved source files on your Ipad, I recommend that you export them through ICloud or Google Drive, so you can find then, from any device, no matter what happens to your Ipad (theft, breakdown).

if you have them saved in advance, for recoveryou only need from the gallery Procreate Click on Import at the top right of your screen, and browse your Ipad for the previously saved file.

If your work has not been saved

To avoid any disappointment, I want to warn you that I can’t guarantee it will work… But here’s a solution to consider!

When you’re in the Procreate main menu, click “Procreate” at the top left of your screen. Two buttons appear, click “Start the gallery recovery“.

Normally, this button should allow you get your job backHowever, as I for one changed Ipad in the meantime, I couldn’t get the gallery back from my old Ipad. So I am interested in his comments on this subject: can you tell me if this has allowed him recover your deleted data ?

Well, I hope this article has been useful to you, and has allowed you to know how to find deleted files in procreate. I strongly recommend that you remember to save your data as often as possible. πŸ˜‰

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