How do I print from Procreate?

Hello to you, fan of He drew, illustrator professional or other curious person who wants to improve their use of Procreate, the reference drawing app for ipad ! Today we are going to see How to print from Procreate?


Why print from Procreate?

You just made a work of art and you want itPrint to show it to the world. What is more normal?

This will allow you to sell it in markets or in stores, in card, poster, flyer format… Let’s take a closer look at existing solutions!

How do I print from Procreate?

The Procreate App Does not offer possibility to print directly from its interface. However, there are alternative solutions. Let’s see what they are.

alternative solutions

First, you need to save your work from Procreate. I already told you in this article, to do this, go to the Action Panel (wrench) then in the Share tab, click on Png, which is the format that offers the best export quality for an image, then click in Save the image. So different options are available to you:

Print from your iPad

There are printers that connect to iPads. They must offer the technology. air print. In fact, only the primers exhibiting this technology can be connected to iPads. No cables needed, all you need is your iPad and your printers They are both connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Here’s a little printer list that work with this technology:

Print from your computer

Another solution, which won’t require you to equip yourself with a new printer, is to print from your computer. Personally, I use this option.

You must first transfer your work to your computer. To do this, you can go through the cloud, google photo or google drive. For my part, I usually use Google Photo, however, this tends to reduce the quality of your photos, which you will then have to rebalance in Photoshop. Otherwise, Drive allows you to save your work without reducing its quality.

You must first install these applications on your Ipad.

Then you need to save your image. Then, when saving your image from Actions > Share > pgn > you must select Drive that appears in the list of applications. Click on your attached email address, then choose which folder to save it to via the “My Drive” button below. Click Import.

Then just find your work in your Drive from your computer, save it to your PC, and download it.print with your printer.

Print-on-demand websites

There are sites that allow youprint your work on all kinds of objects: posters, mugs, t-shirts, aprons, coasters, sweatshirts, shower curtains, stickers. These sites, called print on demandas the name suggests, are only printed when a customer places an order for your products (but this customer can be you, of course!).

To do this, you just have to load your design on it, from your Ipad or your computer (follow the procedure explained in the previous chapter), set its price and that’s it!

Here is a list of these sites, if you want to go and take a look:

That’s all, now you know how to print from Procreate, I hope this article has been useful for you 🙂 feel free to leave your comments!

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