How do I import a palette into Procreate?

Are you an illustrator, graphic designer or just like designer and just installed the super drawing software for iPad : Procreate ! In this article, discover how to import a palette in procreate.

How to manage color palettes in Procreate

Procreate offers a very intuitive interface. You can manage the color palettes from the Colors panel, by clicking the top right on the color chip.

You color panel opens: you can access color palette management from the Palettes tab at the bottom right.

For create a palettejust click on the “+” button at the top right.
4 options are available to you:

  • Create a new palette
  • Create a palette from the camera
  • Create a palette from a file
  • Create a palette from photos

The first option allows you to create your own Palette: you can copy a color already present in your drawing, or choose one of the color wheelor set the color codes from the “Values” tab.

There are many sites that allow you to hunt for colors and copy their values. Here are some:

  • particular allows you to generate colors from a keyword: for example, “summer”.
  • Scalable allows you to customize your colors according to a wide range of parameters: red/green/blue (RGB) content, brightness, darkness, saturation…
  • Colorinspire allows you to copy color codes from trendy palettes

Once the hex color code has been copied, you can paste it into the “Values” tab.

To integrate it into your palette, simply click on the little squares that appear below your palette name (returning to the “Palettes” tab).

You can rename it by clicking on the name. You can also create a shortcut by clicking “Set as default”. This will make it easier for you to access while you are in the process of designer : Will appear on all other tabs in your Color Panel.

How to import a palette from a photo

Procreate also offers you to create a palette from a photo you take or an image on your iPad. Whether you choose one option or the other, the principle is the same: Procreate goes import a color palette From the chosen image (or taken in photo). Upload an image from your gallery: The Palette is created automatically, from the colors of your image.

How to import a palette from a file

This option allows you to import predefined palettes found on the web.
In fact, there are many sites that allow you generate color palettes !

Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Coolors is a site that automatically generates color palettes and offers you a complete selection of trendy palettes
  • Muzli Colors works on the same principle

These different sites allow you to download whole palettes, in “.ase” format.

Then from the Palettes tab, click “+”, then “New palette from file” – you can import the palette previously downloaded to your tablet.

Color palettes no longer hold any secrets for you: now you know how to import them into Procreate!

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