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Photoshop has announced DeepFont, also known as “the Shazam of fonts,” is a tool that identifies fonts from images using AI.

Photoshop, the image editing software par excellence, launches a new tool that promises to make work easier for designers and graphic artists. His name is DeepFont and what it does is
identify fonts from images
using a system artificial intelligence.

Choosing the typeface is one of the key points of any graphic project, but finding the right typeface is not an easy task. Although DeepFont won’t make you a better designercan be of great help in the process.

DeepFont is already dubbed as the version of “Shazam for fonts”and the fact is that its operation is quite similar to that of the app to identify songs, only that in this case it works with images instead of audio files.

At the end of last year, Adobe announced that they were working on this tool, but it has not been until now that they have finally announced its launch. DeepFont will work both in the desktop version and in the mobile apps, but in both cases a subscription to DeepFont will be required.
Adobe Creative Cloud.

In order to identify typography, the tool needs an image – it can be a screenshot, a mobile photo of a poster, or even a hand-drawn sketch. DeepFont analyzes the shapes of the selected font and compares them to a database of more than 20,000 fonts. The system has been trained on millions of images and does not need to find exact matches. This detail is practical if, for example, a specific font cannot be used for commercial reasons. DeepFont displays up to five similar fonts in the results, including the database itself. Adobe TypeKit and third-party fonts.

It revolutionizes the networks by showing itself to the world without Photoshop

Adobe has not invented anything, this type of system already existed, but they claim to have perfected it. options like WhatTheFont they manage to identify most fonts, but the images have to meet a series of requirements such as being in flat colors and having a specific size. In addition to having a very precise search algorithm, DeepFont has the advantage of being
integrated into Adobe CC. In this way the designer does not have to resort to a different tool, but everything is done from the same program.

Source: BBC

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