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This woman sent “Photoshop” her portrait without makeup to more than 25 fans from different countriesThe idea was to compare their standards of beautyThe results show great cultural differences that exist between each otherThese are some of the most surprising

esther honiga freelance journalist from Kansas City, has carried out a really curious experiment that highlights the cultural differences and the
different canons and standards of beauty that exist in different countries, in the midst of the “21st century”.

For this study, this journalist sent a personal portrait without makeup, completely natural, to several fans in photoshop all over the world under the same message and only condition; “make me beautiful”

The idea for the experiment was born from a project entitled Before & Afterwho came to Honig while working as a social media manager for a small startup.

His boss introduced him to Fiverr, a application/social network of microtasks in which through a previous payment of 5 dollars we can enter a market in which users exchange or sell their services.

While browsing the site, Honig noticed the prevalence of those offering knowledge of photoshop. “It immediately occurred to me that in this group of workers, each individual probably had an aesthetic preference particular to their own culture,” Honig said. In this way, the idea of Before and after.

Honing expected, as is evident, certain differences between the beauty standards of one and the other, but he did not imagine that these would be so abysmal and that his face would be, let’s say, so drastically retouched by one and the other. “Seeing some of the work gave me goosebumps… Other times the images, like the one from Morocco, took my breath away, because it was so much deeper than I could have expected,” Honig said.

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This is the sample of some of the works and the
modifications that his face suffered after applying Photoshop:











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