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7 graphic trends to follow in 2022

Depositphotos unveils an infographic listing 7 graphic design trends that will mark 2022. To highlight these major trends, the bank of royalty-free files relies on visual research carried out on its site. In its blog post, the tool emphasizes that the current challenge for brands is to reconnect with their audience and expand their community during this post-pandemic phase.

This is where graphic design comes in as one of the most powerful tools for standing out from competitors, conveying key messages and creating emotional connections, Depositphotos claims.

The 7 graphic design trends in 2022

The trends presented in the Graphic Design Trends 2022 infographic are as follows:

  1. Vintage aesthetic meets futurism: nostalgic vibe and obsession for innovation come together in this trend. Depositphotos identifies that designers will continue to experiment, including combining vintage 70s and futuristic elements.
  2. Dynamic fonts: these will be adorned with vibrant colors to attract attention. The watchwords of this trend will be imposing lettering and atypical typefaces.
  3. Color Overload: a strong desire to offer a combination of unexpected colors should prevail in 2022. Designers could thus break the rule of 3 colors to combine in a visual to incorporate 5.
  4. Kinetic typography: Stemming from motion design, kinetic typography is becoming more democratic. Its strength: its dynamic effect that captures the attention.
  5. Anti-design movement: this trend mixes chaotic shaping, handwriting and the asymmetrical effect. It invites you to break the rules and push the established limits of design.
  6. Risography inspired backgrounds: this trend is based on the layering of colors. It is inspired by risography, a kind of mechanized screen printing, whose prints have a grainy effect.
  7. 2000s aesthetic: the year 2022 will be pastel pink, a color straight from the early 2000s. The aesthetic will incorporate bright and positive visuals, steeped in nostalgia.
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