How to hide text box in indesign?

As many you asked, how do I hide the blue text box in InDesign? A nice simple way to do this is to toggle between Normal View and Preview Mode by hitting W on the keyboard. This will also hide the bleeds, margins, and slug guides in your document. Just be careful not to press Ctrl + W as this is the Close Document shortcut.

Frequent question, how do I hide an object box in InDesign? Hide frame edges? Under the view menu? You can also use the ‘w’ key to toggle in and out of Preview mode (grays out the pasteboard, hides all guides/frame edges etc).

Considering this, why is there a blue box around my text InDesign? 1 Correct answer It looks like you have a stroke color applied to your text box. Check that first by making sure the color is set to none. Also, check your master to see if there is a text box applied there with a stroke. Let us know if you fix the issue!

Amazingly, why is there a blue box around my text? It is a built-in accessibility feature. It can read out text on the computer, documents, settings, events that happen on the computer, i.e., when you turn off the volume or click on the button more information about it is spoken out.


How do I view a box without the box in InDesign?

  1. To show or hide frame edges, choose View > Extras > Show/Hide Frame Edges.
  2. To hide frame edges, click Preview Mode at the bottom of the Toolbox.
  3. To show or hide a frame grid, choose View > Grids & Guides > Show Frame Grid, or View > Grids & Guides > Hide Frame Grid.
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What is a bounding box in InDesign?

A rectangular border around an image, shape, or text that you can drag to move, transform, rotate, or scale.

How do you hide highlighted text in InDesign?

1 Correct answer Open the Paragraph Styles panel. Window > Styles > Paragraph Styles. Unclick the + sign at the top right.

How do I get rid of the blue boxes in a PDF?

How do I get rid of blue border?

  1. yuniar. Chrome and Safari put a glowing blue border around text area when they are in focus. You can remove it by adding this CSS code into your form CSS code (use the Edit CSS menu): input:focus, textarea { outline: none ! important; }
  2. glennjohnson. Thanks Yuniar! It worked!

Why is there a blue rectangle on my computer screen?

Why does my computer talk to me and show a blue box around everything I click or type? Windows has a screen reading feature called Windows Narrator. Your computer will read selected text aloud and highlight items in a blue box when this feature is enabled.

How do I get rid of the blue box on my desktop icons?

Select the “Desktop” tab, click “Customize Desktop” and then click the “Web” tab. Uncheck any boxes next to the entries in the “Web Pages” field, and then uncheck the box next to “Lock Desktop Items.”

How do I hide spreads in InDesign?

Show or Hide Pages Panel Icons Click the Options menu on the panel, and then click Panel Options. Select from the following options for icon display: Transparency. Select to display icons when transparency is applied to a page or spread.

How do you hide layers in InDesign?

To show or hide individual objects in a layer, click the disclosure triangle to view all objects in a layer, and then click the eye icon to show or hide the object. To hide all layers except the selected layer, or to hide all objects on a layer except the selected object, choose Hide Others in the Layers panel menu.

How do I remove a text box border in Adobe?

You have to actually click to border of the box and not ni the text area. Right-click on the border of the box, then select delete.

How do you do preview mode in InDesign?

Pressing W on your keyboard will switch between “Preview” and “Normal” mode in InDesign.

Where is the bounding box in InDesign?

For the “Type” menu, choose “Bounding Box.” Click the “Direct Selection Tool,” the white arrow head on the top of the Tools pane. Note that when you hover over the shape, it shows an orange box.

How do I get rid of bounding boxes in Adobe Acrobat?

You cannot remove these “boxes”. These are groupings that Acrobat determines automatically. Because of the effect you are describing, I assume you are using Adobe Acrobat XI or older. In those versions, you had to manually adjust the rest of the page layout after making a change.

What is a bounding box used for?

When used in digital image processing, the bounding box refers to the border’s coordinates that enclose an image. They are often used to bind or identify a target and serve as a reference point for object detection and create a collision box for that object.

How do I remove a text box color in InDesign?

Go to the Stroke section and be sure that the color is set to None and the weight to 0. If it’s already set that way, the stroke is an override and will need to be removed manually. Select the text frames and open the Stroke panel, then set the weight to 0.

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