How to export videos from elgato?

As many you asked, how do I download videos from Elgato?

  1. After you click on “Video Capture” you’ll see the following. Click on the download icon (circled in red).
  2. A “thanks for downloading” box appears.
  3. After clicking next you will see this box. Click on the “Next” button.
  4. You might get this pop-up box. If so, click on the “Yes” button.

Amazingly, how do you save an Elgato video as an mp4?

Quick Answer, where do Elgato recordings go? By default, Elgato Game Capture HD recordings are kept in the Movies folder, in a subfolder called Game Capture HD Library. Inside the Game Capture HD Library, each recording is kept in a different folder that’s named after that recording.

Similarly, how do I export video Game Capture HD?

  1. Select Edit mode.
  2. Choose the Group in your Library that contains the video.
  3. Under the Videos section, highlight your video.
  4. Under the Share section, select Movies.
  5. Your video will be encoded, and then sent to your Movies library.

Elgato Video Capture records to either H. 264, or MPEG-4 video at a resolution of 640×480 with AAC audio. These video files are suitable for playback on video-capable iPod, iPhones, and Apple TV as well as importing to iMovie ’09 without the need to re-encode.


How do I record footage with Elgato?

While in Capture mode, make sure that you can see video from your source. Then, press the big, red Record button at the bottom right corner of the window. Recording starts when you press this button, and ends when you press the Record button again. Completed recordings can be managed and viewed in Edit mode.

Is Elgato always recording?

Elgato Game Capture HD has a video buffer, that constantly records video while you play your game.

Where is Elgato located?

Based in Germany and California, Elgato distributes products in over seventy-five countries around the world.

How do I view an Elgato?

While video is being displayed, either in the Capture or Edit sections of the Elgato Game Capture HD software, choose Enter Full Screen from the View menu. On the Mac, the key command for Enter Full Screen is Control-Command-F. To exit Full Screen, press the ESC key.

What bitrate should I record at Elgato?

110,000Kbit/s So far, the best settings for bitrate in terms of quality and sizes is at 40,000Kbit/s (sweet spot). If you want to further down the file size, you could go as low as 30,000Kbit/s that somehow maintains the quality and if you want for more quality you could go as high as 50,000Kbit/s.

What is Elgato 4K capture utility?

Elgato 4K Capture Utility is specifically designed to work with Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro. It also works with certain 1080p Elgato Game Capture Devices: Elgato Game Capture HD60 S. Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro. When recording with any of these 3 devices, the file format will be .

How do I access my Elgato settings?

To show the Advanced Settings in Windows, press the Settings button in the Device section of Elgato Game Capture HD. The Settings button has a hammer and wrench icon on it.

How long can an Elgato record for?

Unlike the limit of 10 minutes for gameplay captures on the console, you can use the HD60 S to record for as long as you like…just be sure you have a lot of storage! Depending on the quality, the file size can reach a number of gigabytes. Unlike the console, you can capture all of your videos at 1080p 60 FPS.

Can you use Elgato with OBS?

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio is a streaming solution for Windows, that can be used with Elgato Game Capture HD hardware. It is free, open source software for live streaming and recording.

Does Elgato Video Capture work with Windows 10?

Please Note: Elgato Game Capture HD60 S and Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro only work with Windows 10. If you need to download the latest driver for your product separately, you can get it here.

How do I record a video from a capture card?

Can a capture card record PC?

Use Capture Card to Record PC Gameplay But if you want to use the PC to record the footage when playing games on external devices such as Xbox, PS, Switch, a capture card may be your best choice.

How do I use my Elgato capture card on my laptop?

  1. Plug one end of an HDMI Cable into the HDMI OUT port of the desktop PC’s graphics card.
  2. Plug the other end of this cable into the HDMI IN port of the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S.
  3. Plug one end of a second HDMI Cable into the HDMI OUT port of the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S.

Why does my Elgato look blurry?

Try the video capture device in OBS instead of the game capture for the Elgato. There you then set to 1080p and possibly 60 FPS. Simply select the video recording device, then take the Elgato and adjust the picture in the settings to the correct size (1920×1080 as an example). This is how it should work.

Why does Elgato automatically record?

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