How do i use the fill feature on a smart notebook?

How do you fill in Smart Notebook?

  1. From the toolbar, select Fill and then select a color.
  2. Select the object you want to apply the fill to.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each object you want to apply the fill to.

How do I make my SMART Board screen fill?

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote control for your SMART board 600i3 interactive whiteboard.
  2. Select the third icon at the top of the window by pressing the right or left arrow buttons on the remote control.
  3. Select Aspect Ratio.
  4. Select Fill Screen, Match Input or 16:9 based on the general guidelines listed previously.

How do you fill a text box in Smart Notebook?

How do I make smart Notebook full screen?

Press View Screens , and then select Full Screen. The page expands to fill the screen, hiding the other user interface elements, and the Full Screen toolbar appears. Display the previous page in the file. Display the next page in the file.

How do you manipulate things on a SMART Board?

  1. Press Select .
  2. Press the object you want to select. A selection rectangle appears around the object. If you press an object and a lock symbol appears instead of the menu arrow, the object is locked. Depending on the type of lock, you might have to unlock the object before you can manipulate it.

How do you use a SMART Board?

To use the SMART Board data projector and white board functionality, connect your laptop to the video and USB cables. The Smart Board will automatically power on when your laptop is turned on. The light, located at the bottom right of the board, will turn green if everything is hooked up correctly.

How do you zoom on a SMARTboard?

Drag your fingers in opposite directions to zoom in. Drag your fingers toward each other to zoom out. A message appears, displaying the current zoom level.

How do you troubleshoot a SMARTboard?

If your SMARTboard will not power on: Try using your remote to turn on the SMARTboard. 2. If the SMARTboard still won’t power on, unplug the board and wait for 10 seconds then plug back in. Please report this problem to the Whitesboro Tech Dept through HelpDesk, even if the SMARTboard will now power on.

What is the resolution of a SMARTboard?

For example, a SMART Boardβ„’ 600 series interactive whiteboard has a touch resolution of 4096×4096. Multiplied together, those numbers represent more than 16 million unique points on the interactive whiteboard’s surface that can interpret inputs when you touch the screen with a finger or pen.

How do you insert a textbox in a notebook?

  1. Type text on a page.
  2. Press More Text Options and then select Insert Symbol .
  3. Press a category.
  4. Press the symbol you want to add to the text.
  5. Press Insert.

How do you edit text in Smart Notebook?

Double-click within a text box to add or remove text, and use the text editing toolbar to change properties, such as font, size, and color. When you tap a piece of text or an image in a lesson using the selection tool , a selection rectangle appears around it.

How do you type on a Smartboard?

To type while at the SMART Board, activate the onscreen keyboard by pressing the onscreen keyboard button located in front of the eraser tray, or click the on-screen keyboard icon in the Start Center Toolbar. To move the onscreen keyboard, touch the blue title bar at the top, and drag it to a new location.

Why is my smart board not full screen?

Press the Settings tab. Move the Screen resolution slider to the pixel setting that matches your projector’s resolution. Press Apply. Then press OK.

How do you align objects in Smart Notebook?

  1. Select View > Alignment. The Alignment dialog box appears.
  2. Select check boxes to specify which guidelines you want to display: Check box. Select this check box to:
  3. If you want to change the color of the guidelines, press the colored bar to the left of Guide Color, and then select a color.
  4. Press OK.

How do you cut and paste in Smart Notebook?

Select the object. Press the object’s menu arrow, and then select Cut. If you want to paste the object onto a different page, display that page. Press Paste .

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