How do i send an entire notebook to computer in livescribe echo?

From the starter notebook (or the name of the notebook you are using to record with), drag the appropriate session to the custom notebook. 4. Right-click the session. Click “share to” and choose computer.


How do I sync my Livescribe pen to my computer?

  1. On your desktop, double-click the Livescribe Desktop shortcut or go to Start > Programs > Livescribe > Livescribe Desktop.
  2. Connect your USB mobile charging cradle (for Pulse smartpens) or Micro-USB cable (for Echo smartpens) to your computer and dock your smartpen.

How do I upload from my Livescribe pen?

How do I add a laptop to my echo desktop?

Is Livescribe Echo discontinued?

The Livescribe 3 was discontinued in 2019. Similarly the Aegir family of smartpens was discontinued in 2021 and is fully replaced by the Symphony.

How do I sync Livescribe?

Tip: Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on! Launch Livescribe+ and it will automatically detect your smartpen. Pair your smartpen when prompted. Once the smartpen is connected, the LED indicator will turn blue and the smartpen icon will appear in the Livescribe+ mobile app.

How do I connect my smart pen?

  1. Your Livescribe wifi smartpen.
  2. Micro-USB cable from the Livescribe wifi smartpen box.
  3. Internet connected desktop or laptop computer with an available USB port.

How do I add a notebook to Livescribe?

Tap the pen icon in the upper right corner. Tap on “Assigned Notebooks >”. Tap “Assign notebook to Livescribe+”. Using the smartpen, tap on a page in the notebook you want to assign to Livescribe+.

How do I archive a Livescribe notebook?

  1. Connect your desktop computer and your smartpen, using the Micro-USB cable.
  2. Click the Archive button in Livescribe Helper.
  3. Select the notebook you want to archive.
  4. Confirm that you want to archive.

How do you use Echo smartpen?

Step 1: Turn on the pen with the power button at the top. Make sure the battery is charged. Step 2: All of the controls for your SmartPen are on the SmartPen-compatible paper we provide. Once the pen is turned on, tap the “record” button at the bottom of your page.

What is Echo desktop?

Storing your notes, redesigning systems or even keeping a doodle. The Echo Desktop is perfect for any kind of business or studies. Download for Windows. Desktop and on the go. The Echo Desktop app is perfect for your computer both at home, the office, or even when using your computer in transit between them all.

Does Livescribe work with Mac?

To install Livescribe Desktop for the first time: Go to the Livescribe web site (www.livescribe.com), and click on the Save and Search button on the bottom of the page. On the Save and Search page, click on the Mac OS X button to start downloading.

How do I reset my Livescribe Echo pen?

  1. Undock the pen from the charging cable.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 10+ seconds. Your pen will restart in a recording session.
  3. Press the power button.

Is livescribe still in business?

Livescribe is selling its business operations, technology, and intellectual property. “The Livescribe brand and existing infrastructure will be retained, with a goal of strengthening the position of both companies through the development and sale of new products,” the companies say in a separate joint statement.

What is the difference between Livescribe 3 and Echo?

Livescribe has no screen. With Echo, you do need to be near your pc to upload your stuff to Livescribe desktop. But you can write with your pen out in the middle of nowhere, and then upload when you get home. With Livescribe 3 you can do the upload in real time as long as you have your iPhone with you.

What is a Livescribe notebook?

Livescribe notebooks use regular paper printed with a unique pattern of tiny micro-dots. This pattern is called DPS and works like a GPS for the smartpen. The smartpen’s high‐speed infrared camera reads the dot‐pattern, which enables a wide range of digital functionalities and paper-based applications.

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