How do i self publish a disk bound notebook?

How many pages can a Discbound planner hold?

¾ inch discs hold 90- 120 sheets of paper. 1 inch discs hold 110 – 150 sheets of paper.

How do Discbound notebooks work?

Unlike a traditional 3-ring binder, a discbound notebook lays flat when closed and the cover can be turned behind itself like a spiral bound notebook. You can customize your notebook easily thanks to the uniqueness of the discbound system.

How do you make a Discbound notebook cover?

Are TUL and Levenger interchangeable?

Levenger Circa & TUL The half letter TUL & Levenger Circa are interchangeable. Similar disc size, spacing and the same page size. The stem is slightly longer on the Levenger, but it’s not very noticeable and I don’t think it’s going to make a big difference when you use the 2 together.

Do Discbound notebooks fall apart?

I’ve used discbound systems for 4 years, and have never had anything fall out. If you put too many pages on the discs, the pages will start to pop out as you turn the planner, but even then they won’t just randomly fall out.

Is TUL better than arc?

TUL has more accessories, disc colors, disc sizes, interchangeable covers and refill pages. There’s much more variety than the ARC so if I lived in the USA and used their page sizes, I would choose the TUL over the ARC. If you live in the UK or Australia, I recommend the ARC. If you’re in the USA, I would use the TUL.

Who invented Discbound notebooks?

Invention and patents In 1948, they sold their patent to Georges Mottart, who founded Papeteries G. Mottart n.v., the exclusive producer of disc-binding systems in Europe until the mid-1990s, when the patent expired. Atoma sells 1–1.5 million disc-bound notebooks yearly.

How do I make a disc planner?

Are Talia and Tul interchangeable?

Question: Is this system interchangeable with the staples arc, tul or circa systems? Answer: YES! the Talia discbound Letter size notebook is interchangeable with each of those brands.

How do you make a bullet Journal planner?

How do you make a hardcover planner?

How do you make a happy planner?

Is Tul an Office Depot brand?

TUL Elements Notebooks and Pens The new TUL Limited-Edition Collection of Extraordinary Elements is exclusive for Office Depot OfficeMax. Brand quality and style is confidently expressed with TUL® Elements Pens with metallic accents and TUL™ Discbound Notebooks with textured cover designs.

Is Tul the same as Arc?

I’ve tested the Happy Planner, ARC and TUL – all are interchangeable. I.e. the spacing between discs, the way the paper sits on the discs etc. is the same. You can use MAMBI Happy Planner insert refills with ARC and TUL discs.

Are Discbound systems interchangeable?

Interchangeability: The next feature I love about discbound system is that they are interchangeable for the most part.

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