How do i run jupyter notebook from a specific drive?

Go to Properties. In shortcut tab->target you will find something like this -> jupyter-notebook-script.py “%USERPROFILE%/” Change %USERPROFILE%/ to the folder you want to start from eg : jupyter-notebook-script.py “E:folder_path”. Restart Jupyter notebook.

How do I run a Jupyter notebook on a different drive?

  1. From the command line (shell) run: jupyter notebook –generate-config.
  2. View the config file at: ~/.jupyter/jupyter_notebook_config. py.
  3. Change the line: c. NotebookApp. notebook_dir = ” to.
  4. c. NotebookApp. notebook_dir = ‘/path/to/desired/startup/directory’

How do I change the drive location in Jupyter notebook?

  1. Look for Jupiter notebook shortcut (in Start menu>Anaconda).
  2. Right click and Properties .
  3. Add the path that you would like (but use / not for path) as showed on the screenshot:

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