How do i rename a notebook in evernote?

In the list / tree below, right click on a notebook name, and in the popup menu you will see a “Rename” action. Alternatively, you can left-click on the notebook name, and then use the Windows standard F2 shortcut key to rename it.

How do I rename my notebook?

  1. Go to OneDrive.
  2. In the Files section, click Documents.
  3. Navigate to the OneNote notebook that you’d like to rename, right-click it, and select Rename.
  4. In the Rename dialog box, enter a new notebook name, and click Save.

How do you nickname a notebook on a Mac?

Move the mouse pointer over the notebook you want to rename, and then click to select the small circle that appears next to or in the upper right corner of the notebook icon. You’ll see a small check mark in the circle next to the notebook. Click Rename on the OneDrive menu bar.

What is the difference between notes and notebooks in Evernote?

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Notebooks are how notes are organized in Evernote, and are commonly used to separate notes by category, location, or purpose. For example, you might create one notebook called ‘Home Remodel’ and one called ‘Schoolwork’ to keep these types of notes separate and easier to find.

How do you edit a notebook?

  1. Right-click on the notebook and select Edit.
  2. A window will appear on the right where you can make the desired changes in the notebook.
  3. Click Update to save the changes.

How do notebooks work in Evernote?

Notebooks are how notes are organized in Evernote and are commonly used to separate notes by category, location, or purpose. For example, you might create one notebook called ‘Home Remodel’ and one called ‘Schoolwork’ to keep these types of notes separate and easier to find.

Can I create a notebook within a notebook in Evernote?

Click the small arrow next to Notebooks in the left panel to expand the drop down notebook list. Drag and drop one notebook on to another notebook. A new notebook stack containing both notebooks will be created.

How do I rename a page in OneNote?

  1. Go to the page you want to rename. The title at the top of page is the page name you see in the page list on the left.
  2. Select the title at the top of the page, and then type a new title.

Which is better OneNote or Evernote?

While OneNote is by no means unpleasant to use, Evernote is more user-oriented. Its search and organization are better handled. Plus, its time-saving features — such as templates and different note types — make using Evernote for taking notes and work a more intuitive and personalized experience in general.

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What is the limitation of Evernote?

Its free plan—Evernote Basic—lets you create unlimited notes, but it limits your storage space to 60MB/month. The size of a saved note is also limited: Notes cannot exceed 25MB. If you need more storage, you can upgrade to Evernote Premium to get 10GB of storage per month and save notes up to 200MB in size.

Does Evernote have a limit?

However, the person with Evernote Free can only create notes up to 25 MB in size while the Personal subscriber can create notes up to 200 MB in size.

What is a default notebook in Evernote?

The default notebook is the notebook where new notes, web clips from Evernote Web Clipper, and saved emails are all automatically saved if no other notebook is specified. You can identify your default notebook by the small star at the bottom right of the notebook icon.

How do I create a new notebook?

  1. Click File > New to display the New Notebook options.
  2. Choose where you want the new notebook to be created (for example, OneDrive or Computer). Notes:
  3. Follow the prompts for the location you chose.
  4. When the new notebook has been created, it will show up in your list of notebooks.

Can I make folders in Evernote?

There are no folders or subfolders in Evernote. Here is what is available: A note is the fundamental unit of your content. Notebooks contain notes, and not other notebooks or stacks.

How do I stack notebooks in Evernote?

Is there anything better than Evernote?

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Microsoft OneNote. The strongest alternative to Evernote is Microsoft OneNote, and for that reason, I have a lot to say about it. OneNote is not a perfect fit for everyone, especially if you have to migrate thousands of notes from one app to the other.

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