How do i reinstall smart notebook, ink, and drivers?

  1. Go to support.smarttech.com/docs/redirect/?
  2. Select the latest version of the software.
  3. Expand the drop-down menu and select an operating system.
  4. Click the installer file download button and save the file to a temporary location on your computer.


Why is SMART ink not working?

Remove all Smart Ink cartridges, re-install the old (empty) cartridges you used before and restart the printer. Install one of the Smart Ink cartridges, and keep installing new cartridges one-by-one until the error returns. When the problem cartridge is detected, refer to Option 1 to remove the error message.

How do I update my SMART Board drivers?

To update SMART software, go to the SMART software download page or use SMART Product Update (SPU). Click the SMART software icon in the Windows notification area or the Mac Dock, and then select Check for Updates and Activation.

What happens when SMART notebook expires?

After your free trial ends or your subscription expires, SMART Notebook software enters limited mode. In limited mode, premium features are disabled. During the first 45 days of use, you have free access to all of the features in SMART Notebook.

How do I fix my SMART Board?

Try using your remote to turn on the SMARTboard. 2. If the SMARTboard still won’t power on, unplug the board and wait for 10 seconds then plug back in. Please report this problem to the Whitesboro Tech Dept through HelpDesk, even if the SMARTboard will now power on.

How do I get my SMART Board pen to work?

  1. Click the Windows icon on your desktop.
  2. Click the Smart Technologies drop-down arrow from the list of programs.
  3. Right-Click SMART Ink.
  4. Choose Pin to taskbar.
  5. Go back to the desktop.
  6. Click the SMART ink icon and see if the pen works.

Why is my SMART Board light blinking green?

Flashing green Your interactive whiteboard is receiving power and is communicating successfully with your computer’s USB HID driver. SMART Product Drivers isn’t installed. Solid green Your interactive whiteboard is receiving power and is communicating successfully with SMART Product Drivers.

How do I update SMART Notebook?

  1. For Windows operating systems, go to the Windows Start menu and browse to SMART Technologies > SMART Product Update. OR.
  2. In the SMART Product Update window, click Check Now.
  3. Install the update by clicking Update and following the on-screen instructions.

Does a Smartboard need software?

Before you can use a SMART board, you’ll need to have the SMART software installed on your computer. How to install SMART board drivers and Ink: SMART board drivers and Ink do not need an activation key.

How do I get smart board tools on my computer?

Press the SMART Board icon in the Windows Notification Area at the bottom right of your screen. The SMART Tools menu will appear. If the SMART Board icon is not visible, select Start > Programs > SMART Board Software > SMART Tools. The SMART Board icon will appear in the bottom right of your screen.

How do I reset my SMART Board pen?

Disconnect the power cable from the back of the pen tray and reconnect it after a few seconds. Press the Reset button briefly (less than three seconds) on the bottom of the pen tray. All the pen tray indicator lights flash sequentially twice and the interactive whiteboard resets.

How do I reset a SMART Board?

To reset all components of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable. 3. To restore the factory default orientation settings, press and hold the Reset button for longer than three seconds. You will have to repeat the orientation procedure after this step.

Why is my computer not connecting to my SMART Board?

Make sure any connected computers are on and not in Standby mode. Make sure the screen is working by pressing Input on the front control panel and selecting the correct input source for your device. Restart the display and any connected computers. See Turning the display off and back on.

Why won’t my SMART Board pens write?

If the pen and your finger both behave as a cursor and cannot write or draw, SMART Drivers might need to be updated or reinstalled. See support.smarttech.com.

How do I install a Smartboard driver?

  1. Select SMART Notebook 18 from Select your version.
  2. Select Windows from Change operating system.
  3. Select USB Installer from Select install package.
  5. Save the smart18-0usb.exe download file to your computer.

How do you set up a Smartboard?

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