How do i get the back of a 15′ hp notebook?

How do I take the back off my HP 15 laptop?

  1. Step 1 Battery and Back Cover.
  2. Remove the two 8mm screws underneath with a Phillips #1 screwdriver.
  3. Remove the two plastic tabs with a metal spudger.
  4. Remove the sixteen 8mm screws that hold the bottom cover with a Phillips #1 screwdriver.
  5. Pull the Optical Drive out.

How do I open the back of my HP laptop?

How do I take the back off my laptop?

  1. Power down the laptop and disconnect the power cable and any peripheral connections. Video of the Day.
  2. Close the laptop lid and carefully place the laptop face down on a flat surface.
  3. Locate holding screws around the perimeter of the back of the laptop.
  4. Lift off the back of the laptop.
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How do you open the back of a laptop?

How do you open a HP 14 laptop?

How do I remove the battery from my HP Pavilion 15 laptop?

  1. Step 1 Keyboard Cover. Before you begin, turn the laptop off and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Turn the computer over to the front. Open the laptop.
  3. Help a Fixer Out.
  4. Tilt the keyboard cover up slightly.
  5. Step 4 Battery.
  6. Remove the four Phillips M2.
  7. Lift the damaged battery from the laptop.

How do I take the back off my HP Pavilion?

  1. Detach the small Phillips head screws located on either side of the bottom foot.
  2. Loosen each of the three captive Phillips head screws until you can hear the screw make a clicking sound five times.
  3. Pull the rear cover off from the computer.

How do you disassemble a laptop?

  1. You will need a small Phillips-head screwdriver and possibly a flathead screwdriver, depending on the make of your laptop.
  2. Remove the back panels by unscrewing all the available screws.
  3. Many components will be immediately accessible after removing the covers.

How can I open my laptop back without a screwdriver?

  1. Flathead screwdriver.
  2. Coin.
  3. Butter knife.
  4. Hacksaw.
  5. Toothbrush.
  6. Old CD.
  7. Pliers.
  8. Thumbnail.

What can you use to pry open a laptop?

  1. Anything plastic for soft prying tools.
  2. Paperclip for a SIM card eject tool.
  3. Nail clippers as wire cutters.
  4. Plier-and-rubber band hemostats.
  5. Melted pen for a one-time-use screwdriver.

How do I take apart my HP Chromebook?

Place the Chromebook on its back cover. Press the plastic spudger into the space between the bezel and the back cover. Run the spudger around the edge of the bezel until the parts are separated. Note that there may be some tape holding them together.

Does HP Pavilion 15 have removable battery?

Removing the battery Find the battery lock latch identified by the lock icon on the bottom of the computer and slide it to the unlock position. Find the battery release latch identified by the battery icon and slide the battery release latch to the release position to partially eject the battery.

How do I replace the battery in my HP laptop 15?

  1. Purchase a new HP laptop battery.
  2. Create a battery report in Windows.
  3. Disconnect your laptop from the power source.
  4. Remove the back panel of your laptop with a screwdriver.
  5. Remove your laptop battery.
  6. Connect your new battery to the body of your laptop.
  7. Replace the back panel.

How do I remove the internal battery from my HP laptop?

  1. Power off your laptop and disconnect all peripherals, including the power cord.
  2. Close the lid of the laptop and turn it on its back.
  3. Slide the battery release latch to eject the battery partially.
  4. Lift the front end of the battery and remove it from the laptop.

How do I open the back of my HP Pavilion gaming laptop?

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