How do i get smart notebook to show up in system tray?

How do you reveal on smart notebook?

Where is the SMART Board icon?

Press the SMART Board icon in the Windows Notification Area at the bottom right of your screen. The SMART Tools menu will appear. If the SMART Board icon is not visible, select Start > Programs > SMART Board Software > SMART Tools. The SMART Board icon will appear in the bottom right of your screen.

Where are smart notebook files stored?

Type %USERPROFILE%Application Data to save the SMART Notebook SE files in each student’s Application Data folder. Type %USERPROFILE%My Documents to save the SMART Notebook SE files in each student’s My Documents folder.

Why is my SMART Board not showing computer screen?

Windows computer: Go to the start menu and select “control panel.” From there click the tab that says “screen resolution” and check the box that either says “multiple displays” or “mirror display”. Hit apply!

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What label reveals?

The Label Reveal activity is a great way for students to develop deeper understanding of systems and their components. Label Reveal emphasizes memory and deduction. Products.

How do I hide and reveal text in Smart Notebook?

You can hide objects on a SMART Notebook page by coloring over the object with a Pen tool that is the same color as your SMART Notebook page. You can reveal the hidden object by using the Eraser tool and dragging it across the object. Before you begin, ensure SMART Notebook software is installed on your computer.

What is a smart tool bar?

The SMART Notebook toolbar gives you access to a number of tools to help you work with your SMART Notebook file. The toolbar organizes buttons into sections and makes popular features more visible.

How do I make smart notebook full screen?

Press View Screens , and then select Full Screen. The page expands to fill the screen, hiding the other user interface elements, and the Full Screen toolbar appears. Display the previous page in the file. Display the next page in the file.

How do you hide in Smart Notebook?

How do I use Smart Notebook files?

  1. Press Save . The Save As dialog box appears.
  2. Browse to where you want to save the new file.
  3. Type a name for the file in the File name box.
  4. Press Save.

How do I open a .notebook file?

Notebook files can be opened with Notebook Express, an application hosted at the SMART Technologies website that runs in a Web browser. They can also be opened with the standard SMART Notebook software. NOTE: NOTEBOOK files replaced older .

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How do I save a smart notebook as a PDF?

  1. SMART Notebook Software – Saving (Exporting) in Different.
  2. Choose File > Save As to save your annotation as a SMART Notebook file.
  3. Choose File > Export to see other available exporting (saving) options.
  5. Each Notebook page will save as a separate page in a PDF document.

How do I make my smart board discoverable?

The Bluetooth dongle will flash green when you hold it in place until the light starts flashing. You can then go to the SMART Board where the Bluetooth device is installed on the lower right back side and hold the black (Sync) button until it starts flashing green.

Where is the reset button on a Smart Board?

The Reset button is located behind the lower-right side of the interactive whiteboard (when viewed from the front). 2. To reset all components of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable. 3.

How do I connect my laptop to my SMARTboard wirelessly?

Insert the USB Bluetooth Receiver into a USB port on your computer. The light on the USB Bluetooth Receiver will be red until a connection with the board is established. Press and hold the button on the Wireless Module for 5 seconds. A green light will start to flash.

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