How do i designate a notebook when forwarding an email to evernote?

How do I email a specific notebook in Evernote?

Begin with the @ symbol. To email into a specific notebook. Use the @ symbol to tag the notebook. Remember that formatting is important. Always include the full title of the notebook before entering this.

How do I forward an email to Evernote?

To save an email into Evernote, open the email and forward it to your Evernote email address (enter your Evernote address in the recipient field). Your email will appear as a new note inside Evernote with the email subject line as the title.

How do I send email from Outlook to Evernote?

  1. Select the email you want to save to Evernote.
  2. Click Save to Evernote from the ribbon.
  3. Choose a notebook and/or tag to apply to the saved email, then add any remarks.
  4. Click Save.

Where do Evernote emails go?

By default, emails sent to Evernote are saved in your default notebook. If you frequently save emails into Evernote and organize them with similar notebooks and tags, you can enable auto-filing. Auto-filing will look for similar notes inside your account and apply the same notebook and tags.

How do I change the default notebook in Evernote?

  1. Tap the three lines in the bottom left corner to open the menu.
  2. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the menu and select Notebooks.
  3. Under ‘Default’ select the notebook you’d like to set as your default.

Can I send emails to OneNote?

By associating an email address with OneNote, you can send anything to your notebooks by simply emailing it to a special email address (me@onenote.com).

Can you change your Evernote email address?

Go to the ‘Security Summary’ page in your account settings. Select Change Email beneath the email address shown in the ‘Email Address’ section. Enter your password to authorize changes and enter a new email address. Select Change email to save changes and to return to the account settings page.

Does Evernote work with Apple Mail?

Thanks to the Evernote integration, with MailButler you can easily convert emails in Apple’s Mail application into notes in Evernote. This includes formatting, file attachments, tags, reminder date and other meta information.

How do you work Evernote?

  1. Personalize your Home layout.
  2. Customize the create button.
  3. Create reusable note templates.
  4. Put shortcuts in the sidebar.
  5. Save searches for quick reference.
  6. Use tags to organize beyond notebooks.
  7. We’re all evolving—together.

Can you link Outlook to Evernote?

Evernote for Outlook is available to users of the new Outlook.com and Office 365 users using Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook on the web. The add-in allows you to clip email messages and attachments from Outlook directly into Evernote.

How do I link my Outlook calendar to Evernote?

Can you add an Outlook calendar to Evernote?

Evernote + Microsoft Outlook + Google Calendar Integrations Zapier lets you send info between Evernote, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar automatically—no code required. Triggers when a new note is created in or moved to a notebook. Creates a new contact.

Does Evernote save automatically?

Changes made to a note are periodically saved automatically. To sync immediately, click the sync button at the top of the app. Note: The option to sync immediately on demand is not available in the new Evernote for Windows, as changes will be saved automatically.

How do I access my Evernote account?

On the Evernote home page, click Sign up or Log in. Click Continue with Google. Enter your Google login details. Note: If an Evernote account with this Gmail address already exists, you’ll be asked to enter your Evernote password.

How do I rename a folder in Evernote?

Open the notebook you’d like to rename. Tap the options button (three dots) to view more options. Tap Rename notebook. Replace the notebook name and tap Rename.

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