How do i creat sorting activities in notebook for smart boards?

Tap Activities in the SMART Notebook toolbar. Select Super Sort. Type names for two sorting categories in the Required Category Name fields. Enter text or add images to each category.

How do you make an interactive game on smart notebook?

  1. Navigate to the lesson page that contains the activity.
  2. Tap the spinning wheel to begin the game.
  3. Students answer the questions.

How do you drag and drop in Smart Notebook?

How do I find my activities on smart notebook?

  1. Create a new activity using the activity wizard.
  2. Select Load .
  3. Select the saved content you want to use for the new activity or assessment.
  4. Select Load.

How do I set up Smart Notebook?

  1. Find the product key you copied and saved from the SMART Admin Portal.
  2. Open SMART Notebook.
  3. In the Notebook menu, click Help > Software Activation.
  4. In the SMART Software Activation dialog box, click Add.
  5. Paste the product key and click Add.
  6. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next.

How do you drag on a Smartboard?

Using one finger on each hand, press the screen at opposite ends of the area or object. Drag your fingers in opposite directions.

What software does SMART Board use?

SMART Notebook basic version is free software designed for use with a SMART Board interactive display. It comes with many features that you can use to create, edit, and deliver engaging lessons to your students such as: Creative pen tools.

How do you create a SMART Board lesson at home?

What is Smart Notebook software?

SMART Notebook is software meant to supplement use with the SMART Board. The software helps users create interactive presentations, and offers a variety of ways to enhance presenting interactive lessons.

How do you right click on a Smartboard?

If you need to right-click, just press and hold your finger on the interactive whiteboard until you see the right-click menu. You also can press the Right Mouse button on the Pen Tray, and your next press on the interactive whiteboard will be a right-click.

How do you set up a touch on a Smartboard?

How do I turn on touch screen on my Smartboard?

  1. Press the SMART Meeting Pro icon in the notification area, press Control Panel and then press SMART Hardware Settings.
  2. Select Mouse and Gesture Settings in the list.
  3. Select Enable Touch Recognition.

How do I get software for my SMART Board?

You can download SMART software from smarttech.com/downloads and install it following the instructions in Installing and maintaining SMART Notebook, Installing SMART TeamWorks, or Installing and maintaining SMART Meeting Pro.

Do you need software for a SMART Board?

Before you can use a SMART board, you’ll need to have the SMART software installed on your computer. How to install SMART board drivers and Ink: SMART board drivers and Ink do not need an activation key. They can be downloaded here.

What programs can open Notebook files?

  1. SMART Technologies Notebook. MimioStudio.
  2. SMART Technologies Notebook. MimioStudio.
  3. Linux. SMART Technologies Notebook. MimioStudio.

Can I use smart notebook without a SMART Board?

Can I Use Smart Notebook Without A Smart Board? You can access Smart Board files saved on your computer using the free Smart Notebook Express link provided by Smart Technologies. The program can also be downloaded for free on your computer without having to go through the internet connection.

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