Top 7 graphic design and video software

Are you a graphic or web design student, or simply passionate about photography or video? To bring your ideas to life, you’ll need tools! Here is our selection of the best software, both paid and free, that will enhance your graphic design or video editing skills. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, we’ve tried to provide a comprehensive list that suits all levels and budgets!



Adobe Photoshop / GIMP

It’s hard to find a more complete tool than Photoshop. It is the reference tool for creative people. Its functionalities are multiple: photo retouching, image composition, graphic creation… The only drawback: the options of this tool are so numerous that it can seem difficult to handle at first. Fortunately, there are many tutorials on the Internet that can guide you through the software.

The only downside is that Photoshop has a price (even if student discounts exist). If you’re looking for a free alternative to Photoshop, we recommend GIMP, an open source software with a complete toolbox. Appreciated for its flexibility, GIMP adapts to every use and need. It can be more or less complex, depending on what you do with it.


Adobe Illustrator / Inkscape

We stay in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, with Illustrator. This software allows you to create beautiful vector drawings as well as illustrations. Multi-tasking, Illustrator can create all kinds of images: logos, graphics, comics, fonts… If you are passionate about vector art, then Illustrator is definitely a must-have.

The closest graphic design tool to Illustrator, but in a free version, would be Inkscape. This open-source software offers a wide range of tools and allows you to create beautiful vector images quite simply. It’s a great tool for learning the basics of graphic design.

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Canva, for beginners

Who hasn’t heard of Canva, the world’s simplest graphic design platform? If this tool is not relevant for design experts, it is quite appreciable for beginners who would like to start smoothly in graphic design.

Canva offers many graphic templates, adapted to all media and modes of communication. Very intuitive, the platform allows you to create beautiful designs, or, rather, to customize beautiful existing designs. If you’re looking to create a beautiful infographic or a remarkable resume in a few clicks, Canva can fly to your rescue! Note that the free version of Canva is still very generous.


Lightroom, for passionate photographers

Also present in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Lightroom is the expert software for photo retouching. It can be used on a computer, a mobile (iOS and Android) or a tablet. The software allows you to sublimate photos, thanks to numerous settings and filters, in a fairly intuitive way. The little extra? Each retouching done on a photo with Lightroom is automatically saved on the cloud. Clean.


Adobe Premiere Pro

We end our little selection with the legendary tool of the Adobe suite: the famous Adobe Premiere Pro. This is the must-have video editing application, allowing you to edit and produce professional-quality videos. Popular with film, television, and web professionals, the software offers advanced features. It allows you to edit long videos, synchronize videos with an audio track, add effects, text, etc.

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a beginner, we hope our selection has inspired you and made you want to try out some tools. To create fabulous visual stories, you should also consider investing in a good computer! For example, the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is the perfect ally to help you create inspired graphics or video creations. Thanks to its dual screen (main 15.6 inch screen + second touch screen), the Zenbook is the ideal tool to let your imagination run free. Supplied with a stylus, it allows you to make beautiful drawings in a simple and intuitive way.


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