Edit professional-quality videos easily with Filmora9!

Finding an intuitive and powerful editing software is not always easy. With Filmora9, Wondershare meets the requirements of amateurs and semi-professionals who appreciate its powerful yet easy-to-understand features.

In the world of video editing, one name is on everyone’s lips: Premiere. Despite its status as a reference, Adobe’s software is expensive and lacks simplicity. However, many alternatives exist, just as efficient and more adapted to an amateur or semi-professional audience. This is the case of Filmora9 whose functionalities and competitive price seriously compete with the sacrosanct Premiere.



Filmora9 a really underrated software

If you think that video editing is only for the initiated or for a few people who have studied several years in this field, think again. Thanks to Wondershare Filmora9 software, you can easily edit your videos to make them look great.

We have never taken as many photos and recorded as many videos as we do now. It must be said that with the democratization of smartphones and their ever-increasing ability to capture our moments of life with increasing quality, it is very easy and almost given to all. Of course, camcorders are not left out and can also capture unforgettable moments.


Add content to your movie

However, if you want to make a good video, then you need to look at what is called editing. Indeed, with this practice, you can add titles, background music, cut unwanted scenes, integrate transitions between shots, etc. You also have the possibility to apply a theme, like Christmas or New Year, for example. Don’t panic, it’s very easy, even for beginners.

Indeed, the video editing software includes all the necessary tools to cut a video, add effects, transitions, filters or music, for example. Particularly accessible and designed for beginners, this program is a complete tool that allows you to achieve your goals without having any specific skills in the field. Only your creativity will limit your project. With Wondershare Filmora9, it is extremely easy to edit quality videos.

Easily import and export in different formats

How to easily edit videos with Filmora9? It’s very simple. The software proposes to organize scenes on nearly 100 video tracks. Just select an effect or a filter and drag it onto the desired sequence so that it takes all the parameters. Of course, a preview is possible to observe the rendering before the final export. But before that, you can even make videos on a green background to put a background of your choice to create compositions.

Fill up on resources

But that’s not all, because Filmora9 also offers you the possibility to access numerous resources that are totally free of rights and can be used as you wish. Thus, you have at your disposal music, transitions, filters and effects to add to your film. In addition, it is also possible to dip into Filmstocks (a video effects store) where various paid resources can be downloaded.

Easy to use thanks to a simple and clear interface and offering a lot of resources as well as relevant editing tools, Filmora9 from Wondershare is one of the best consumer editing software currently available.


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