Time to Rekindle Inspiration and #BeatTheBlank

So much has changed for all of us over the past year; one of the biggest adjustments has been the amount of time people from across the world have spent at home. While this has affected us in many ways, one aspect that has been drastically hit is inspiration. Let’s face it, ideation and blue-sky thinking have never gone hand-in-hand with needing to stay in one place.

Inspiration thrives on our ability to pull in and process information from the world around us. At the beginning of the pandemic, the shift to a new way of working kept the creative juices flowing; the sea-change the world was experiencing helped inspire us, but lockdowns have lasted on-and-off for over a year now – limiting our sources for inspiration. Though we’re still seeing evidence of creativity and it has by no means been cancelled, it is fair to say that people have to find creative ways to get creative…

At Adobe, we’re proud to support and inspire our community with the Adobe Inspiration Generator, helping anyone #BeatTheBlank. It enables users to fire up their creative spark by responding to unique briefs created by a rubik’s cube-like generator. It may well ask you to create an ‘adventurous cowgirl movie poster’ or a ‘magical robot billboard’… whatever you get tasked with, you can then use Photoshop to unleash your creativity!

We’re working with a number of incredible talents from our creative community, including @bei.bei.wei and @rontimehin, asking them to break up their usual colourful content by posting – and explaining – a blank story; talking about their own struggles for inspiration, before inviting their community to try out the Adobe Inspiration Generator and posting their own creations from the generated brief.

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Our creators will also be taking their followers through masterclasses using Photoshop, hosted on one of Instagram or TikTok.

If you’re struggling for inspiration yourself right now, then why not check it out? We’re also asking fellow creatives to share their own work, as well as celebrate the work our Adobe Insiders have produced by following #BeatTheBlank and #AdobeInsider across all social media channels.

No one wants to face that daunting blank page at the start of a new project – so let us help you take your imagination on a fantastic voyage!

Source : Adobe

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