Tata CLiQ sets new standards for customer experience using data and personalization

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In recent years, consumers have shifted more of their purchases online, where they can discover new products, enjoy personalized offers, and get fast delivery to their doorsteps. Tata CLiQ, an Indian e-commerce platform based out of Mumbai, sprung up in 2016 to meet increased consumer demand for popular apparel and electronics products- shipped free.

In a competitive but growing Indian e-commerce market, the Tata CLiQ customer-facing solutions teams, including analytics, product, and marketing, use Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target to help shoppers explore a wide assortment of products and find what they’re looking for faster. By capturing relevant clickstream and other behavioral data, the teams can derive rich insights, power digital marketing campaigns, and deliver top-notch digital customer experiences.

The team recently began using Adobe Target more broadly, and discovered more opportunities to add value, including testing, personalization, and optimization of the Tata CLiQ Android and iOS mobile apps. The apps are both a convenient option for shoppers on the go, and the primary Tata CLiQ revenue driver, followed closely by the website.


Agile response to shifting customer needs

Recently, as the global COVID-19 pandemic took hold and forced many people into lockdown, consumer e-commerce needs shifted and, in many places, grew. Historically, Tata CLiQ didn’t carry groceries and other essential items on its website, but when the first pandemic wave occurred, the team noticed changes in shopper behaviors.

“We saw the number of people coming to our site grow since the first wave of the pandemic,” says Kamal Kumar, head of analytics and data science at Tata Unistore, Ltd., which runs the Tata CLiQ platform. “Fortunately, we were able to respond to changing customer demands for everything from masks and thermometers to groceries, and help people get what they need while remaining at home.”

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Tailoring shopping experiences by region

During the second COVID-19 wave, when government restrictions changed, states had the freedom to choose their lockdown periods.

According to Pratik Khandagale, a Tata CLiQ product manager responsible for integrating Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics to power experimentation and personalization use cases, the merchandising team suggested targeting essential category products for people visiting the platform from states under lockdown. Meanwhile, for customers in states without a lockdown, visiting the website was “business as usual.”

The Tata CliQ team leveraged Adobe Target to present different personalized content for consumers browsing the website from various states. For example, in areas without a lockdown, the home page hero banner featured non-essentials like electronics or apparel. In regions under lockdown, banners featured essential goods that could be delivered to consumers’ homes.

“The results were positive. We saw people on the platform engaging more with our website banners,” Khandagale says. “In areas where people were under lockdown and wanting to buy essentials, we saw a 57 percent lift in click-thrus.”

Valuable near real-time performance monitoring

Over the past year, the team has also relied heavily on data to understand consumer behavior and adapt their strategies. According to Sayandeep Bhowmik, Tata CLiQ head of business insights, the team uses Adobe Analytics to monitor page performance.

The storefront, like a home page, is where a lot of site visits occur. “Especially during the COVID-19 lockdown period, the percentage of visits have increased,” Bhowmik says. “We want to know how the home page is performing on a near real-time basis, which means that every two hours, we use Adobe Analytics to check the banner performance to determine which offers drive more clicks and orders.”

This analysis helps the team understand which top-of-page banners, carousel banners, and other banners should occupy the top spot. “Using Adobe Analytics, we can take a very data-driven approach and look at metrics such as clicks, click-through rates, order participation, and revenue participation of individual banners,” Bhowmik says.

Health content piques interest

The Tata CLiQ content team has been publishing rich, deep stories about taking care of one’s health during a pandemic to better serve customers and keep them engaged. Additionally, linking to other Tata companies, including TataMD, has driven traffic to Tata CLiQ.

The e-commerce leader’s success boils down to its focus on using timely data to personalize customers’ shopping experiences. Today, twice the number of people visit Tata CLiQ compared to a year ago, with the company enjoying higher customer satisfaction and sales.

Learn more about how data-backed decisions drive success at Tata CLiQ.

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