Split your PDF into smaller files with Adobe Acrobat

Have you combed through a PDF document looking for a few pages of information? If so, give the Adobe Acrobat Split PDF tool a try.

Have you ever found yourself combing through a massive PDF document and wishing you could break it into smaller sections? If so, you’ve likely dreamed of a solution that could split large PDF files into more manageable documents that allow for quick and easy information sharing.

Now you’re in luck. The Adobe Acrobat team recently released the Split PDF tool, just one of many Acrobat online PDF tools that let you do more with your PDFs.

Benefits of splitting a PDF into smaller files

The Split PDF tool can help you work faster and easier with large files by splitting a single PDF into multiple new files. Whether you want to simply divide a document in two or create up to 20 new files, the Split PDF tool makes reorganizing, sharing, and saving information within large PDFs incredibly simple. All you need to do is set divider lines wherever you want to split your PDF.

If you’re a business user, you can use the Split PDF tool to quickly split annual reports into monthly or quarterly sections for easier analysis and review. You can also split large contracts or other documents into smaller sections for review or reuse as new files.
Educators can save valuable time by taking advantage of the tool to divide a yearlong syllabus into weekly or monthly units, setting specific page ranges as needed.
If you’re a teacher, you can also use Split PDF to break a book into individual chapters or separate out reading assignments from a larger PDF by splitting the document into multiple files for students.

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Adobe also makes it easy to organize, store, and share documents when you use the Split PDF tool. After you’ve signed into your account to split a PDF file, Acrobat saves the split files in a new folder created in Adobe Document Cloud. You can then rename, download, or share your files with others as desired.

Maximize productivity with Split PDF and other Acrobat tools

Split PDF is just one of the many powerful Acrobat productivity tools available. Check out these additional tools to maximize your efficiency and simplify your document work:

After splitting a PDF into smaller, separate files, you can try the Merge PDFs tool to create a single document that contains some of your new files to provide only the relevant information needed for the task at hand.
If you need to rotate a page to landscape or portrait orientation, try the Rotate PDF Pages tool to set up a more professional-looking document.
The Reorder PDF Pages tool lets you organize your file by moving pages around to present content in the exact order desired.
If you’re collaborating with a team, try the Edit PDF tool to add notes, highlights, and other annotations to your document. Once signed in, you can also send your file to others for review for free.

For unlimited access to all of the tools above, including the Split PDF tool, you can try Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for free for seven days. Start your free trial today to unlock all of these powerful productivity tools and many more. The Split PDF online tool is also just a click away if you’re ready to put your time to better use and stop slogging through long PDF files.

Source : Adobe

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