Redefining customer experience management in 2021 with Experience League

Experience makers who use Adobe business tools have free resources to help them redefine the future of customer experiences.

Over the last year, like most companies, we saw a shift in what mattered to our customers. We gained insight into changing priorities, concerns, and goals by analyzing what they searched for and how they engaged with us. And with more people working from home than ever — and organizations moving to digital-first or digital-only at a rapid rate — customers turned to Adobe Experience League to help them reach their goals.

After reviewing our data, we found three trends that topped the list of what we saw, heard, and supported in the unprecedented year of 2020 — and what you can leverage going into 2021.


Building resilience

After so much unpredictability, experience makers are taking renewed control of their careers, expanding their skillsets, and bringing more value to the table. With this increased versatility, they’ll be more resilient in the face of change and be empowered to reach the next level of success.

Adobe Experience League offers you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of key principles of digital transformation and increase proficiency in Adobe tools. From curated courses to documentation to instructor-led training, there is a vast repository of knowledge to explore.

You also have the chance to connect with a vibrant community of learners and experts who are motivated to hone their craft, innovate, and share with others. It’s the perfect place to bounce ideas, ask questions, and discover solutions with other creative minds.

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And as a user of Adobe’s business products, you have access to all these resources for free.

In this environment, you can acquire elite skills with demonstrated market value, build your network, and expand your range — all of which empower you to be resilient, deliver more value in your current role and create new, exciting opportunities for the future.

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Becoming a data-driven experience business

2020 has upped the ante on what it means to go digital. Savvy business leaders are focused more than ever on delivering data-driven customer experiences. To accomplish that goal, they’re equipping their teams with the tools they need to build competencies in the fundamentals of world-class, data-driven digital business.

If you aren’t sure where to start to support your team, try the CXM Playbook in Experience League. This interactive tool uses a series of self-assessments to help identify opportunities for your organization to build new foundational competencies and chart a course to CXM success.

The CXM Playbook is based on work from our Digital Strategy Group, delivering deep, firsthand knowledge about what it takes to bring a sophisticated customer experience management system to life.

The playbook lets you compare your maturity in key competencies to benchmark data and view recommended training and content related to achieving your goals. You can also take notes directly in the playbook as you gain insights on your organization’s next steps, and even export it as a PDF to print or share with colleagues.

With expert content, data, and guidance, you can clearly define what success means and create a purposeful plan to get there.

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Blending data and creativity

Businesses, brands, and individuals across the globe have inspired us this year as they’ve adapted and innovated in new and inspiring ways.

Creativity is an integral part of the heart and history of Adobe. As a company, we’ve always led from the intersection of art and science because we believe that’s where the real digital marketing magic happens.

Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to see exactly how we do it using a unique approach that blends the science of data with the art of creativity.

Our Data-Driven Operating Model (affectionately known as DDOM) is the cornerstone of Adobe strategy. It’s the method we use to run our business — and marketing in particular. This new way of working is designed to align and drive the business toward strategic objectives across the customer journey.

Photo of a diagram of who Adobe developed its data-driven operating model (DDOM) to address these challenges

We’ve applied DDOM to solve all types of challenges over the last several years. Now, you can take advantage of what we’ve learned using DDOM in an all-new course: Driving Customer-Centric Experiences with Adobe’s Data-Driven Operating Model.

In this course, you’ll learn more about what DDOM is, how Adobe applied it to our own digital transformation, how it helped us uncover actionable insights, and how you can apply the pillars of DDOM in your own organization.

The course will become available in Experience League soon. Until then, check out this session from Adobe Summit 2019, “Actionable Insights: Using a Data Driven Operating Model to Create Exceptional Customer Experiences.”

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Move forward with purpose

Through the past year, twists, turns, and pivots have become the norm — making innovation and agility more important than ever. It was a year for learning and growth like no other, and the trends we saw in Experience League highlighted lessons every experience maker can carry into the future.

Now that we’ve got our sea legs under us, it’s time to move forward with purpose. In 2021, marketing teams, business leaders, and individual experience makers have the chance to redefine the future of customer experiences. Your knowledge and perspective are vital to defining and designing that future for your customers, your company, and your career.

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