Pixar veteran, Guido Quaroni, joins Adobe as senior director of engineering, 3D & Immersive

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This month marks the second anniversary of the Substance team joining the Adobe family following the acquisition of Allegorithmic in January 2019. Our team has made significant strides in the past two years with, among other things, major updates to our Substance 3D texturing suite, and we’re excited about the journey ahead.

Welcoming Guido Quaroni to Adobe

Today, we are thrilled to announce the hire of Guido Quaroni, as senior director of engineering on the Adobe 3D & immersive team. Quaroni is a 20-year Pixar veteran who has worked on beloved Pixar movies like “Monsters University” and “Toy Story 3” where he served as supervising technical director.

In 2011, Quaroni was appointed vice president of software R&D where he oversaw the studio graphics and animation software, including the USD Open Source project and the Academy Award-winning animation software “Presto.”

“I’ve been a customer of Adobe’s software for a number of years, and I always admired Adobe’s commitment to provide top of the line tools to creatives,” said Quaroni. “When I heard about Adobe’s renewed interest in entering into the 3D market, given how much more pervasive the consumption of 3D content is becoming, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I’m excited to be joining the Adobe team to help accelerate and grow their 3D offerings for creatives worldwide.”

Quaroni’s expertise in visual effects and the 3D industry will be critical as our team continues to drive innovation across 3D and immersive tools and technology.

Personally, I’m beyond excited for Quaroni to join my team and help us build the best 3D tools in the industry.

A look back

Since joining Adobe in 2019, the Substance team has focused on releasing robust and highly anticipated new features to the Substance suite for gaming, visual effects, and industrial design communities. We also expanded features within Adobe Dimension, and rapidly increased the community of graphic designers creating in 3D.

This past year alone, we launched a new 3D text system for Adobe Dimension, acquired Medium, and released major workflow updates like UDIMs and Automatic UV in Substance Painter, Image to Material (powered by Adobe Sensei) in Substance Alchemist and more.

We are continuing to grow our team of 3D experts and are gearing up for a big year ahead. Our first product updates of 2021 are coming later this month, and we plan to unveil major new developments aligned to our vision for 3D at Adobe later this year.

We’re so proud of how far Substance has come and our continued excellence across gaming, visual effects and other verticals. Substance was used on 95 percent of the 2020 Game of the Year nominated games and was leveraged by Emmy’s VFX 2020 winner The Mandalorian. For Substance alone, we’ve filed 7 new patents in 2020, and we have no plans on slowing down this year. More to come on that soon!

Looking ahead

While the past year was filled with unprecedented challenges, our team is energized by the advancements we’ve made so far, allowing creatives of all skill levels to explore these emerging mediums, and we are eager to continue this momentum into 2021.

Our team is looking forward to an incredible 2021 filled with innovation and key milestones for Adobe 3D & Immersive.

Source : Adobe

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