Photoshop Express Launches Retouch Features

We’re excited to announce today that Photoshop Express, our all-in-one mobile photo editing app now includes a brand new set of features called Retouch. Our goal is to meet and answer our user needs for all their imaging social use cases and in a world of selfies and portraits, Photoshop Express brings you tools specifically designed for face & selfie retouching. In fact, in our most recent user survey, this was the number one feature request. There’s a variety of features – some you may expect like skin smoothing but others like caricature will be a fun surprise. Whether it’s a selfie you take by yourself or one with a loved one – our automatic face detection technology powered by Adobe Photoshop and Sensei will recognise the individual faces within the photo and make it easy and quick to retouch your photos and express yourself the way you want.



Natural and high quality skin smoothing that doesn’t wash out your features and keeps the integrity of your original photo or selfie. There are built in sliders to help you choose your preferred level of ‘smooth’ as our core imaging technology intuitively recognises your facial features and makes the entire experience seamless and easy.

[left] before image: smiling man with lines on his face; [right] after image: smiling man with smoothed skin


Our healing tool is now better than ever – more precise, more powerful, but also even easier to use. It’s content-aware – meaning that when you choose an object or area to remove and replace, it recognises what’s in the photo and will make intelligent decisions on what to fill in that space. There are multiple options – spot healing and patch – that you can fine tune by adjusting the brush, opacity, feather, and blend.

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[left] before image: smiling man with a mustache; [right] after image: smiling man with no mustache


Our technology recognises facial features in photos, providing sliders that you can use to retouch any part of your picture that you’d like – with specific highlights for individual features as well as more holistically for your face. For example, you can change the rotation and angle of your head, modify any contouring, adjust smiles, shape features, and much more…

[left] before image: woman smiling with tilted head; [right] after image: woman smiling looking straight forward


I don’t know about you, but I used to love getting my caricature drawn by artists growing up. These days, you can create your own with Photoshop Express and have a lot of fun in the process. We provide sliders to exaggerate your facial features, including your eyes, nose, forehead and more.

[left] before image: man with mustache looking straight forward; [right] after image: man with mustache with scrunched up face)


LIQUIFY – one of your original Photoshop favourite features Liquify is now available in an easy one-tap experience. You can reshape, swell, or twirl any area of an image and it’s your choice whether you want to be subtle or dramatic – making it a great tool to retouch images as well as creating an artistic and unique effect.
ADD TEXT AND STICKERS – just like other parts of Photoshop Express, you can personalise and customise your image by adding text and stickers so your photos are share-ready


Our goal is to provide our users with fun and intuitive features that empower them in their creative expression. We’re excited to always meet this challenge and continue to bring you tools and content that are accessible and easy yet powerful, to help you stand out. Check out Photoshop Express for free now.


With so many people around the world impacted by COVID-19, please know that our thoughts are with you. During this difficult time (and all times), I want to especially thank our Photoshop Express product and engineering partners in India who constantly inspire me with their resilience and fortitude. Thank you for your hard work and for making the magic happen.

Source : Adobe

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