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One of the countless ways the Internet has transformed society is serving as a valuable resource for health information. As encyclopedias and printed resource guides faded into history and web searches moved into the mainstream, Nemours Children’s Health was at the forefront with the launch of — the first website devoted to children’s health — in 1995. More than 3.5 billion visits later, the nonprofit organization is widely regarded as the creator of the largest and most reliable source for pediatric content that motivates, educates, and engages families to better health.

Adobe Experience Manager is now at the epicenter of the initiative, as Nemours Children’s continues to blaze a trail toward improving the lives of kids and teens. Through its Center for Health Delivery Innovation, Nemours Children’s manages the enormous volume of resources it develops and shares on KidsHealth. This includes more than 7,000 articles and an extensive library of clinically-reviewed videos, illustrations, mini health movies, personal stories, and other materials.

A healthy dose of knowledge

Nemours Children’s is committed to transforming the health of children by going beyond medicine to improve the health of the world in which every child lives. Established in 1936 through the legacy and philanthropy of Alfred I. du Pont, Nemours Children’s Health is one of the nation’s largest multistate pediatric health systems, including two free-standing children’s hospitals and a network of nearly 80 primary and specialty care practices across five states.

Nemours Children’s was the first pediatric hospital organization to establish a center with a focus on educational media and one of the first to develop a syndication model to license its pediatric-specific content libraries to other health systems, payers, and commercial organizations. Today, Nemours Children’s operates the best and largest library of condition-specific, pediatric health videos and maintains the premiere library of patient discharge instructions — created exclusively for pediatrics.

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Nemours Children’s also works with a network of authorized resellers, licensees, and product partners that distribute its online content, patient instructions and videos throughout the U.S. and internationally. Through its partnerships with organizations like the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Sesame Workshop, Nemours Children’s has brought its expertise and award-winning content to develop programs that engage, inspire, and support families.

“Our commitment to transforming children’s health means that we must redefine its definition,” says R. Lawrence Moss, MD, president and CEO of Nemours Children’s Health. “Experts estimate more than 80 percent of a child’s wellness occurs beyond a doctor’s office. Nemours Children’s is proud to be in our third decade of providing children and families with information, comfort, and tools through KidsHealth.”

Digital technology has introduced new opportunities for Nemours Children’s. When the organization launched in 1995, the opportunity to play a significant role in the lives of children greatly expanded. Today, logs nearly 300 million sessions per year to its content in English and Spanish and ranks number two as a top children’s health site worldwide.

A trusted resource to many, is a primary referral resource for organizations like the National Runaway Hotline. In addition, more than 170 health care organizations use Nemours Children’s for patient and member pediatric education. This includes prestigious institutions like Seattle Children’s Hospital, Atrium Health, and Humana.

Streamlining digital experiences with Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe has been with Nemours Children’s on its most recent digital journey. Adobe Experience Manager has allowed Nemours Children’s to create a faster, better, and more responsive site with an improved content management system (CMS). Among other things, Experience Manager has allowed the organization to efficiently and easily build educational components on various topics — in English and Spanish — and ensure that content is paired and maps across both languages.

Developing and managing content can be extraordinarily challenging. Through the use of Adobe Experience Manager, Nemours Children’s is now able to maintain content and assets for both and in a single entity, thus saving time and resources. Nemours Children’s is also able to manage its complex tagging and syndication through streamlined processes and reporting.

“Adobe Experience Manager is a foundational element for our omni-channel digital approach,” says Carey Officer, vice president, Service Delivery Innovation at Nemours Children’s Health. “Streamlining the digital experiences into a single ecosystem and infrastructure was essential as we continue to develop transformational solutions that meet families where they are in their health care journey.”

Adobe Experience Manager has enabled new and improved components that allow authors to produce engaging multimedia articles in compelling formats across all devices, including the Nemours app. Through custom workflows, Experience Manager has allowed cross-team collaboration and quality control to create the most ideal user experience for the upwards of 20 million visits per month on, as well as through its licensing partners.

Nemours Children’s is looking to tap Adobe solutions for future initiatives — they plan to migrate to Adobe Experience Manager as a cloud service. This will drive additional improvements in content management and distribution — including increased speed, agility, and flexibility — and allow the organization to expand its vision to create the healthiest generations of children.

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