How Pentair leverages Adobe’s Commerce Integration Framework to deliver customer experience

Pentair consolidated into one global website, using an actionable commerce platform compatible with Adobe Experience Manager to ensure success.

Pentair is dedicated to delivering smart, sustainable solutions, helping people around the world move, improve and enjoy their water. When it came time to rethink how to deliver Pentair’s message and engage its global customer base most effectively, they naturally focused on the first point of contact most customers have with them — their company website.

Just as water is the essential building block of life, a company’s website is often the building block that sustains trust and transparency in this digital-first age. Pentair’s goal was to unify and amplify their digital brand experience — giving their customers and consumers consistent, comprehensive information about their products and services before guiding them to select a personalized path to learn more about how to solve their problems.

Before selecting a digital commerce solution, Pentair had to solve the problem of unifying 35 websites across North America alone. To customers, finding the right information was a challenge, and determining what to do with that information was an inconsistent journey. When Pentair decided to consolidate the experience into one global website, they also recognized that an actionable commerce platform compatible with their existing experience management platform, Adobe Experience Manager, was necessary to ensure success.

Commerce was the “final piece of the puzzle in building a customer-centric end-to-end solution engine,” stated Patrick Theimer, Pentair’s vice president of digital customer. Luckily, Adobe’s acquisition of Magento occurred at the very moment Pentair embarked on this experience delivery journey. As a result, they were able to keep their digital experience management stack within the Adobe family — ensuring native integration support and flexibility for growth.

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“We want to build as a destination for our customers and consumers and amplify growth for the channel,” added Theimer. “It’s about providing choice for our customers by enabling a relationship of trust and transparency while promoting access and a way to solve problems, embracing much more than just the transaction. Having a seamlessly integrated commerce platform within the experience management platform is a critical architecture to help us achieve this.”

To integrate Adobe Commerce with Adobe Experience Manager, Pentair utilizes Adobe’s Commerce Integration Framework (CIF). CIF is Adobe’s recommended pattern to integrate and extend commerce services from Adobe Commerce and other third-party commerce solutions with Adobe Experience Cloud. This enables Adobe customers to deliver personalized omnichannel shopping experiences.

“Integrating our content and commerce solutions via Adobe’s framework is creating an enterprise solution for our businesses and partners without a complexity that gets in our customers’ way,” says Theimer. “By leveraging the CIF, we can share properties, such as data and analytics across our solutions, to provide a comprehensive, personalized experience to customers. Through this integration, we gain the efficiency and effectiveness of a shared platform across the enterprise.”

Development of the integration is ongoing, but Pentair have already found that project completion has been much faster and less expensive than anticipated. Due to the efficiencies gained through the native integration of the two solutions, Pentair is reducing the number of resources required for deployment and support, allowing them to dedicate resources to other projects in the company.

“Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we’ve been able to integrate Adobe Commerce with Adobe Experience Manager via CIF on-time and within budget. In fact, there has not been a single interruption throughout the integration process thanks to our talented project teams and dedicated professionals. Adobe has been and remains a true partner in all of this, helping us to solve problems in real time and advance a platform for growth.”

As Pentair’s digital marketing team looks to the future, they are excited about further streamlining delivery and experiences, for both their internal and external customers. Theimer states: “CIF delivers choice both to the customer and to our internal stakeholders. Through the integration of content and commerce, we can maintain end to end engagement in an actionable environment through multiple channels to enable growth and competitive distinction. As complex as our environments can often be, this is a solution that allows us to keep it simple for the best possible experience for our customers without having to settle for one-size-fits-all.”

Source : Adobe

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