How I joined Adobe after 15 years in the education sector

Last year was challenging for many people around the world. Personal and professional lives were challenged in unforeseen ways and the future never looked so unstable. For Jill Solbes-Camblong, this was no different. When she joined Adobe Italy in December 2019, she was starting a completely new career, switching industries from education to technology, and in a new country moreover. Fifteen years in the education sector as a language teacher and she chose now of all times to make the career switch! But after looking back at her adventurous career, she realized that it had prepared her to always be ready for a challenge.

“I always liked a challenge” she admits with a smile.

A career that’s taken her around the world

Before Jill joined Adobe as an Education Sales Specialist in Milan, Italy, her career journey took many turns. After her studies at the University of Bordeaux in France, she knew she wanted to go abroad and start her career in a new environment. She decided to move to Portland, Oregon in the United States for a year as a French assistant before coming back to France, and leaving again shortly after. This time, she landed in the UK, where she stayed for a little more than a decade, studying to get her teaching certification and becoming a language teacher.

Looking for another adventure at the end of 2018, with husband and their son, they decided to move to Milan, Italy. And 1 year later, Adobe called to see if she would be interested in pursuing an Education Sales Specialist role.

“I knew what Adobe was doing in the Education field and I really liked the approach. I started doing some research to prepare for my interviews and I capitalized on what I already knew. For instance, I’ve always loved teaching in a creative and ludic way, and I tried to use these strengths during my panel interview” she says.

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Overcoming challenges together

Of course, joining a tech company like Adobe was a big step out of her comfort zone. “The most challenging part was learning all the new products that I hadn’t had the need to use in my previous career. Fortunately, my manager and my coworkers are always here to help!”

And that mindset is exactly what helped her overcome challenges in the last year. “If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that you have to accept that sometimes there are things you don’t know and need help with. Listen, ask questions, and when you don’t understand something, keep an open mind and keep on learning.”

Today, Jill is proud to say that she feels fulfilled and the company culture has a lot to do with it. “I love the Adobe For All philosophy and the fact that this company offers you a full range of opportunities and support.”

Source : Adobe

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